Battlefield 2042 players have figured out how to bunnyhop across the beta

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With dozens of players running, driving, and jetting off explosive battlefields, Battlefield isn’t exactly what you’d call dull. But in just one day in Battlefield 2042’s beta, players have already figured out how to introduce some peculiar momentum into the traditionally grounded Warzone.

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Last night, I caught veteran Titanfall and Apex YouTuber Mokeysniper streaming the BF2042 beta, and was particularly impressed by the claim that he discovered Bunnyhop in Battlefield. Bunnyhopping is, in essence, the act of maintaining momentum by jumping shortly after hitting the ground—a staple of games like Quake, Half-Life, and Titanfall, but relatively unheard of on the battlefield.

By lining up a shot with 2042’s new grappling hook, Moki effectively catapulted himself across the map. One particularly egregious example even sees him battling it mid-fall, something he exploits in the game’s physics that later move him across the map at supersonic velocities.


Equipment like grappling hooks and as-yet-untested wingsuits bring some formal movement to Battlefield, but the game also showcases Apex’s best feature in the form of a slight slide. The game has a pace compared to the plodding sprints of previous Battlefields that I’m excited to see next.

As an avid Apex player, I’m excited to see more established series take on interesting movement mechanics. My recent time with Halo Infinity’s technical testing convinced me that the game is secretly Titanfall 3, with grappling hooks once again allowing all kinds of acrobatic play. Seriously—if you’re not shipping with the grappling hook, you’re not doing it right.

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Our Morgan is having a blast with Battlefield 2042 beta, admitting that it’s “a little rough around the edges”, with its near-future conflicts reminding him why he loves Battlefield in the first place. That said, some players are a little disappointed with the game’s experts calling for a return to the faceless generic armies of the series past.

Battlefield 2042 will launch on November 19th, but if you’re particularly keen on fighting, here’s how you can enter the game’s open beta.

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