in spite of all the flaws Battlefield 2042 As many people have quickly pointed out, most players seem to agree that the new Portal Mode is excellent. now one Battlefield 2042 The player has used the feature for the remake squid gameThe most iconic scene of

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Battlefield 2042 Fans have done a lot of clever things with Portal so far. While the mod aims to create custom playlists that mash up parts of the past Battlefield Games together, gamers are already pushing the feature to its limits by crafting new game modes. while a training course Battlefield 2042K wingsuits are certainly awesome, a new creation could prove to be even more popular, as it brings squid gameKey Redlight, the multiplayer-focused FPS from Greenlight.


For those unfamiliar with the widely popular show squid game, it is essentially a competition where players risk their lives in deadly versions of children’s games for money to pay off their debts. One such game is Redlight, Greenlight, which sees contestants need to move when a deadly doll is swung. If the doll sees them while scanning for movement, players will be killed with a sniper rifle. Although the game is certainly simple, it’s not the easiest thing to recreate Battlefield 2042, especially because Portal is not a proper map editor.

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Nevertheless, YouTubers and Battlefield 2042 Fans To Angry Gamers TV Managed To Successfully Rebuild The Part squid game, While it is not possible to add a giant doll to it Battlefield 2042, the players compensated all the participants by giving them a sniper rifle. Players need to freeze when the text “Red Light” appears at the top of the screen, or they will be turned off by their opponents. When the “green light” appears, they are free to move around with the knife and get a better position.

whereas Battlefield 2042 The video features funny moments and the raw gameplay of the mode, Too Angry Gamers TV also reveals how it was made. Players built a timer that switches between a redlight and a greenlight every eight seconds, while gamers will get a different sniper rifle with a bullet every red stage. Players need not miss, and be careful when moving to hit the shot as another player can see, the mode is challenging and should be a blast with friends. Those interested in playing Redlight, Greenlight can use the access code AADYBD.

However it remains to be seen whether improvements to All-Out Warfare are made and features are requested for Battlefield 2042 make its way to the game, Portal can help it thrive for a long time to come. while it would be fun to see the other squid game Entertaining like a bridge of glass, this redlight, greenlight remake will be hard to top.

Battlefield 2042 Now available on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X.

Battlefield 2042 Battle Royale
Some Battlefield 2042 fans thought the game was supposed to be a battle royale.

Battlefield 2042’s early access opened to a mixed reception due to a list of fans thinking it may have started as a battle royale game.

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