Battlefield 2042 A rocky launch has been made. Despite having a strong initial release, questions about certain design elements and polish have led to mixed feelings about the online multiplayer shooter. the release of Battlefield 2042Rush mode with its fast-paced action has helped in creating some positivity around the game. However, Rush was always intended as a limited time offering and now that time has reached its end. Battlefield 2042 The official Rush playlist has been removed.

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Rush has been involved in the game for so long that many began to believe that Rush would remain in the game permanently. Battlefield 2042, This is clearly wrong now, as DICE is finally pulling the plug on limited time mode. This has now been replaced by Gunmaster and free-for-all game modes that will only be available for a limited time. it hasn’t stopped Battlefield 2042 Players from asking for a rush back.


To be fair to DICE, it still has a rush mode available battlefield 2042, It’s not just the standard rush or rush of generation spanning era modes that were previously available. Instead, a battlefield Bad Company 2 Rush’s version is currently featured in Battlefield 2042It is a portal browser and will remain so for some time. Battlefield 2042 Community manager Kevin Johnson even confirmed that Rush of Ages is sure to return in the future.

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In other words, it looks like DICE is working around its plans to distribute what Battlefield 2042 He wants while doing what he wants. A version of Rush Mode is available, even if it is not liked by players, and Battlefield 2042 Receives other floating modes as well.

This raises the question why certain Battlefield 2042 Players and parts of the community are furious at EA DICE. The answer is not simple. part of it is Battlefield 2042 It is clear that the expectations were not met. But a large part of it seems to be a circle of discontent within Battlefield 2042 The community, where both outspokenly unhappy players refuse to step down and still criticize every change or change made by DICE. The game’s subdivision may also be closed due to its leadership condemning hostility within the community.

There is no easy solution to the problem at hand. While Rush is the focus of the moment, it is just a temporary issue. Rush is still available and will return in various forms going forward. At this point, all DICE can do is keep trying to make Battlefield 2042 It’s about as good as it imagines it can be and players who don’t get caught in a cycle of dissatisfaction will enjoy it.

Battlefield 2042 Now available on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

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