Battlefield 2042 comes close, and many players have had the opportunity to play the game for themselves. While it has had its fair share of criticism, it seems as though DICE is making a genuine effort to provide players with the classic Battlefield Experiences they love while still managing to keep things fresh. As a credible, the desire to stay trendy during the game’s early development can be overwhelming. Battlefield The leaker claims the new game was originally intended as a battle royale inspired largely by Apex Legends.

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It is evident, Battlefield 2042 There isn’t a battle royale, but it will include a mode that is similar in some ways to that genre. October 14th promises new information about the game’s Hazard Zone mode, which promises squad-based gameplay that pushes the envelope of what players expect from a typical battle royale.


The leak comes from Tom Henderson, a game journalist who writes for sites like DualShockers, RealGamingIntel and IGN. He claims the claim came from a DICE employee, though he declined to share more information in an effort to protect his informant’s anonymity. While this may sound suspicious to some, Henderson has predicted more than his fair share. Battlefield 2042 Information. Notably, he also pinned a tweet he made in May describing the upcoming game months in advance. Battlefield 2042 Was officially revealed at E3 2021.

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Battlefield 2042 It might not be too surprising for fans to have a Battle Royale title given the popularity of the genre at the moment, but it’s worth a look at the Battle Royale mod. battlefield 5, firearms. It was notorious among the Gamemode community and was generally regarded as a low spot in the history of the franchise, so fans assumed that DICE would get away with it. It’s interesting to think Apex Legends can be a big inspiration for the game, as many people relate to Battlefield franchise two Duty Instead.

whatever the case, Battlefield 2042 Instead tries to maintain the identity of the series. For those interested in its battle royale-like mode called Hazard Zone, more details on that will be made available in a few days. If Henderson’s claim is true and the developer held onto some of these sentiments during game development, it may well be somewhat of a miss. Apex Legends in addition to the following Battlefield Voting as a whole.

Battlefield 2042 Will release on November 19, 2021 for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

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