Battlefield 2042’s Hazard Zone is a battle royale for pacifists – and it looks fantastic

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DICE finally unveiled the last multiplayer mode to launch in Battlefield 2042: Hazard Zone. The long-running Battle Royale mode has defied expectations and is set to be the best multiplayer game type of 2042 – not least because it’s not really a battle royale.

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Instead, Hazard Zone is an objective-based game mode where squads of players must work together to locate satellites, collect their data drives, and extract loot before time runs out. To make it more challenging, other enemy squads are after the same limited rewards and AI-controlled forces will also defend the area – if your task isn’t already tough enough, you’ll also have to beware of tornadoes.

In addition, players will not win by being the last team in a traditional battle royale. Instead, you must successfully remove at least one player from the match that your team has gathered. Extractions are limited to two squads per game – one extraction occurs in the middle of the match and one before time runs out.

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This means that you can theoretically win a game in Hazard Zone without eliminating a single enemy. A nonviolent play style will certainly make it more difficult to conquer the Hazard Zone, but we expect a number of pacifist videos to appear on YouTube when Battlefield 2042 launches.

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You’ll be rewarded if you choose to play more violently, as enemy players will be out of the match once killed – there is no automatic reaction – giving you better chances at fending off attackers. The only way to revive slain players would be for their teammates to find a ‘reinforcement uplink’ that would allow them to put players back into action.

When Battlefield 2042 launches Hazard Zone, all seven of the already confirmed maps will be used for all-out warfare. The Hazard Zone on PS4 and Xbox One will allow up to 24 players (or six squads) while PS5, Xbox Series X/S and PC owners will have to compete against 32 players (or eight squads).

Battlefield 2042 will launch on November 19, 2021 for Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PS4, PS5 and PC.

Opinion: Hazard zone may be good for select people

Hazard Zone would actually be a nice reworking of the traditional battle royale format.

It takes all the best aspects of the genre — like semi-permanent death and tense win situations — and combines them with objective-based gameplay to create a mode that we’re sure both professional and more casual players will enjoy. Will take

However, we can already see a few shortcomings in the mode which has us worried that it may quickly lose its appeal; Specially Hazard Zone will be designated by select squads.

Given the importance of Dice’s emphasis on strategy, this would not be a mode where mic-less teams of random players would have much luck. Teams will choose to deftly pick their experts, insertion points based on early game information, then mix plans on the fly based on random future drops.

Extraction would be another point where consensus is needed, given how low the discard potential is, the teams would need all their might to steal a seat on the extraction vehicle. And despite Dice’s emphasis on this game where killing is not a priority, we all know that some players will still put K/D at the top.

If your team isn’t able to communicate and agree effectively, we suspect you’ll quickly get carried away by the mod’s many dangers.

Adding to the problem further is the ability to use Dark Market credits to purchase tactical upgrades. We’ll have to try it ourselves in order to pass the final verdict, but what Dice has said so far makes us nervous that players who have owned Battlefield 2042 since day one can get a huge advantage over players who join later. can.

Thanks to the Hazard Zone upgrade, squads will get stronger over time and new players can struggle to keep up.

While this kind of mechanic has appeared in previous Battlefield games—where players unlock rewards based on experience giving avid fans better items and abilities—staying in the Hazard Zone can be particularly difficult because players can quickly Must collect and remove drives to earn credits.

This goal is quite difficult to achieve against tough enemies who are looking for the same limited resources. Conversely, just playing in previous games gives you experience that can help you rank up.

Hopefully, Dice has thought ahead to find ways to deal with these issues. Otherwise, Battlefield 2042’s best mod may end up being the least popular.

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