Battlefield 2042’s Hazard Zone mode features extraction and buy phases

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Battlefield 2042The mysterious Hazard Zone mode has finally been revealed. The objective-based mode puts multiple squads of up to four players on a map and task them with collecting hard drives from fallen satellites. The goal is to take out as many drives as possible without dying to earn credits.

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There is a narrative inspiration behind the genre. In Battlefield 2042 Vidya, a worldwide blackout event occurred in 2040, in which 70% of satellites were destroyed. Countries begin sending temporary low-orbit satellites over enemy territory to collect data. Players control teams of no-pats, the duration of the game for soldiers who set out to retrieve data on crashed satellites.

The Hazard Zone puts players into four-person squads. Players begin a round by picking up their loadout in an equip stage. The squads may not have duplicate specialists, so the players need to have a little coordination here. Players will also select a Hazard Zone-specific tactical upgrade in this mode.

A soldier stands next to a dropped satellite in Battlefield 2042 Hazard Zone.

Interestingly, Hazard Zone uses its own currency called Dark Market Credit. Taking out drives will give players more credits, which can be spent in the equip phase. It’s somewhat similar to the economy shooter mechanics seen in games like give importance to, however there is only one buy phase during the match.

After that, all the squad will go into battle and start hunting satellites. An Intel scanner gadget helps players find the approximate location of dropped satellites, so at least one member of the team must have one equipped. Once a satellite is found, players will find occupying forces protecting it, which appear to be AI bots. Storms can also occur on the map, meaning players need to survive against humans, bots, and the environment. More valuable satellites land on the map in the middle of a match.

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Players have two chances to remove the hard drive. Halfway through the map, a random location is chosen as the extraction point. While fighting bots, players will have a limited window to jump and drop on a plane. The second extraction opens near the end of round one.

Screen showing the final results of the Battlefield 2042 Hazard Zone match.

If a shaft wipes without taking it out, they will lose everything. If one member of the squad makes it out alive, the whole squad will get to keep what they have collected. Players are able to revive each other using a reinforcement uplink, which are scattered throughout the map. The gadget can also be purchased during the equip phase.

Matches include a total of 32 players on PC, Xbox Series X/S, and PlayStation 5, and 24 on Xbox One and PS4. The mode uses all maps displayed in All Out Warfare mode.

Danger Zone is quite a departure for the Battlefield series. While the franchise is no stranger to objective-based modes, the extraction angle is an entirely new concept. The idea of ​​spending credits to create loadouts is also new, given its recent hits like give importance to And Apex Legends‘ Arenas Mode. According to the words of the developer, this is definitely not a battle royale mode.

Battlefield 2042 Will launch on November 19 for PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S and PC.

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