Despite being over two years old, players are still booting battlefield 5 Its in-game strategy, vehicles and weapons can be used to attack enemy forces in pure Michael Bay-esque fashion, with almost endless ways to explore. However, what makes Battle field Moments like these are extraordinarily special when players manage to combine all three elements to create their own extraordinary display of mayhem. Fortunately, this one forthcoming tank commander proves just that with a remarkable eye-catching handshake.

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for the uneducated, battlefield 5 The popular but controversial is the sixteenth entry in the franchise. Despite taking a step back and taking inspiration from the first game, Battlefield 1942, multiplayer of battlefield 5 Still fortunately filled with many of the modern tropes that fans love, most matches develop into a devastating, bloody symphony of explosions, gunfire, and screams. After all, it’s common to see tanks plowed and buildings completely demolished during a match of conquest. Also, what is an unusual scene is what happens when players use these tanks to propel targets in the air.


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Now, a brief one-minute clip from Reddit user thisisstevie perfectly illustrates such a feat during a match at Grand Operations. But caught roaming in the vast dry ravines battlefield 5 Map Hamada, a location that is infamous for giving vehicles a hard time because of dense clusters of rocks and debris on wheels or tracks, with Isstevy taking control of a Panzer IV armored unit and actually hitting the enemy in just one shot. The fighter plane was shot down. ,

After the clip was uploaded to Reddit, the post garnered nearly 900 upvotes, as many users closed in to applaud the feat. On top of it, some came together and remembered them battlefield 5 And how its sessions offer a relentless performance of Pretty Frenzy, with the top comment saying, “That’s it, I’m setting up BFV again.”

because of which recently Battlefield 2042 The incredibly low user ratings were caused by millions of fans who expressed their disapproval of the way EA and DICE took the gameplay. Battlefield 2042 There are fewer active players than there currently is on Steam battlefield 5, which means that not only did this bad word-of-mouth lead to massive refunds battlefield 2042, But this resulted in players revisiting old entries in the franchise.

battlefield 5 Now available on PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

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