Become a plant detective in this occult botany shop puzzle game next week

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If Wordle Are you staring at the letters this week, weird gardening You will be staring at flowers, leaves, thorns and roots next week. In the puzzle game from developer Bad Viking, you inherit a spooky little plant shop in the quaint little Victorian town of Undermere. As bizarre and mysterious customers ask to buy plants, you’ll have to break down your knowledge of botany, examine the plants in your store closely, and figure out what your customers want based on their description. .

I’ve played Free Demo of Strange Horticulture, and it’s delightful. You’re essentially a plant detective piecing together leafy clues. Your customer may know the name of the plant they want, so you’ll need to find it in your book and match it to a plant on your shelf based on a few words of description and a sketch. Some customers may not know the name of the plant, but there will be some scraps of information about it, like whether it has red flowers or is it supposed to help with certain ailments, so you should check your plants and page closely. Hogi your book is looking for a match.


This largely reflects my experience working in a bookstore where customers would come in with only a vague idea of ​​the book they are looking for. “I know the cover is blue,” he’d say. “Maybe the title has white letters? And it’s about a murder in a small town.” And then I’d go, wiping my mind for something I might have seen months ago stocking the shelves.

Your plant collection as you receive clues about the location of new, undiscovered plants to add to your shop, and as you serve customers and visit far-flung locations And your knowledge base will increase. And not everyone is looking for a plant that will help with their digestion or sharpen their vision. A deep and dangerous secret is revealed as you play, and some obscure customers will try to drag you deeper into it.

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The demo only covers the first two days of running your shop, and I’ve been looking forward to more since I’ve played it. weird gardening Will release on Steam on January 21st,

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