Best Apple MacBook deals: Save $150 on an M1 MacBook Air or MacBook Pro

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The new MacBooks will be here soon. At its hardware event last month, Apple unveiled iphone 13handjob apple watch 7handjob ipad mini 6 And A new entry-level iPad But woman a new MacBook. Apple computers will get their Own program on Monday, October 18.

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Apple introduced its first MacBooks with Own Apple Silicon M1 Chip last year, and the models to be announced on Monday may offer a M2 (M1X?) Processor. NS The next MacBook Pro model rumored To announce the return of the MagSafe charger, HDMI port, and SD card slot – while ditching the Touch Bar in favor of physical keys.

At this point, it makes sense to wait to see what Apple reveals on Monday before plunging down to a new MacBook, but if you’re ready to buy a first-gen M1 MacBook and another second Can’t wait, you’ll find some discounts on Amazon. You can save up to $150 on M1 MacBook Air Or M1 MacBook Pro.


The MacBook Air and 13-inch MacBook Pro lines got the M1 update, but the larger 16-inch MacBook Pro still uses the Intel Core i7 or i9 chip. And Apple still sells two high-end configurations of the 13-inch MacBook Pro with Intel parts; The company has said that Support all Intel-powered Macs for the coming years. While you might be tempted by a discount on an Intel-based MacBook, it’s better to convince yourself to get a new M1 MacBook instead. Our Testing of M1 Machines Show a significant performance increase compared to its predecessors. Also, the M1 MacBook Air features a fanless design for silent operation.

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Pricing for the new M1 MacBooks

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The new MacBooks keep the pricing of the models they replaced: the new MacBook Air starts at $999; The new MacBook Pro starts at $1,299. There are a few ways to grab a discount.

Want to buy new? The new M1 MacBook Air models are discounted between $100 and $150 on Amazon right now, while the MacBook Pro models are discounted by $130 and $150. However, one benefit of paying full price and buying from Apple is that you can customize the machine and add more RAM or a higher-capacity solid-state drive, while the models sold on Amazon and other retailers are fixed. There are configurations.

Want to go the renewal route? You can now find refurbished M1 MacBooks here Apple’s Certified Upgraded Mac page. Refurb inventory changes rapidly so you might not always see the M1 MacBook Air or Pro listed. However, it’s worth keeping in mind, as you can lock in substantial savings of up to $200. Rick Broda, Nerdshala’s Cheapskate Emeritus, is a big fan of renewal, especially Apple’s – which are often just as good as new.

It is also worth noting that Apple Store offers students educational discounts, which can cost hundreds of dollars less than the cost of a new laptop or tablet.

Keep reading to see the best MacBook laptop deals currently available for Apple’s current and previous generation MacBooks. We keep updating this list from time to time.

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MacBook Discounts, Compare

Model w/ CPU (and storage capacity)

price list

Best Price (Current)

Best Price (All Time)

New MacBook Air w/ M1 Chip (256GB)




New MacBook Air w/ M1 Chip (512GB)




New MacBook Pro w/ M1 Chip (256GB)

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