Best bargain true wireless earbuds for under $50

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we have a list Top AirPods Alternatives Under $100. But what if you’re looking for anything Cheap? Say, Wireless Earbud Alternatives half price or even less? Then this is the list for you, truly the best budget really wireless earbuds. And while there’s of course the proliferation of earbuds, which cost less than $50, only a few stand up to the cut above, and many are surprisingly good for the price. As I like to say, you shouldn’t expect a world at this low price, but unlike more expensive models from Apple and others, you won’t be heartbroken if you lose them.

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Here are my current sub-$50 true wireless favorites, listed from highest to lowest price. I’ve tried them all, and I update this list from time to time with new products. Note prices fluctuate, so some of these can be anywhere from $50 to a few bucks more.

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