Best COBOL online courses in 2021

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The best COBOL online courses make it easy and simple to learn the legacy COBOL programming language through distance learning at home.

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Although outdated, it is still required for many systems used by governments and corporations, and the recent pandemic has highlighted the need and demand for more programmers who can code in COBOL.

Amazingly, most financial transactions around the world are also driven by COBOL, even though it is a programming language developed in the 1950s. COBOL – which stands for General Business Oriented Language – is therefore rightly being hailed as the language that will not die.


Considering the world’s dependence on the language, there is a lot of excitement and development around COBOL and if you are looking to cash in on the gold rush, here is how you can get started with the best COBOL online courses.

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NexGenT – Career Focused Courses for Cyber ​​Security Students

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One of the best online cyber security courses we covered comes from US-based NexGenT. It offers beginner and advanced courses and has a decent payment plan: You pay $0 for any starting payments only after you graduate and your IT career begins. Its self-directed programs and platforms won’t be the best option for everyone, but if you’re serious about a job in cyber security, it may be the option for you.
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