Best gaming keyboard for 2021

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With countless options available at a wide range of prices, finding the best gaming keyboard for your needs often depends on personal preference and budget. This option will be different for every genre and level of gamer, but our picks include the best we’ve tested that are widely available.

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For models that will have slightly less impact on your wallet, check out our $100. Best Gaming Keyboard Under, But if you can spend more, you’ll get features like high-quality switches and normal construction, discrete media keys and controls, a wrist rest, and more. And if you don’t know what a membrane keyboard is or the difference between an optical switch and a mechanical switch, the buying advice section at the bottom will help.

Best Gaming Keyboards Under $100 in 2021


just like Choosing a New Gaming MouseOf course, getting the right gaming keyboard has a lot to do with personal preference (and budget). As for the two writers on this list, Josh loves tactile switches—the ones where you can feel the actuation points—but doesn’t like the clicky key switches that make sounds. Lori likes clicky and tactile as she likes to feel the actuation point and prefers mechanical sound for gaming, but uses a hybrid membrane-mechanical Razer Cyanosa v2 At work for the click and buoyancy of its membrane. After long learning on hard-action piano keys and a manual typewriter he has turned it into a pounder.

You might find some keyboards great for gaming but don’t like them for day to day typing. For example, the same Cherry MX Red switches that are great for gaming may be too light for some typists. linear switches, such as Cherry MX RedsThe Cherry MX Blue doesn’t have tactile feedback, but due to their low force and smooth handling, they are preferred for gaming, especially where multiple taps of the same key are required. If you have the chance to test out different keyboards to determine your preferred switch type (such as Cherry MX Brown, Cherry MX Red and others) before buying, I highly recommend it. you can see it glossary of keyboard words To help you narrow down your priorities.

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So, are you ready to find the best keyboard for your gaming needs? Read on for a closer look at 10 great options.

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