Best online courses and online class sites of 2021

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The days of going to college to take a class are long gone. Now, with the learning platforms available, through the use of video streaming, there are a variety of skills that can be learned from the comfort of your residence.

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Websites abound that have online classes on demand. This can range from a single lecture on a specific topic to a series of lectures to gain new knowledge in a field, to a full-fledged bachelor’s level degree awarded by major universities. You can even learn from professors on the other side of the planet through this method!

Courses cover the subject spectrum. Some may be professionally oriented, designed to update skills for older workers, or have degrees outside their field of study. Other courses are designed to complement knowledge, offering additional study, such as advanced training for certification exams. While it’s not all that serious, coursework is also available that borders on entertainment, with options for cooking classes or film appreciation. In any case, in a competitive work environment, without the rigors of a formal degree, some recent coursework can be an important CV builder.

How do we choose the best online course websites


There is no shortage of learning platforms to choose from. Thankfully for you, we’ve sorted through them to find the ones that would benefit users.

We look at many factors, and truth be told, no one learning platform will be best for everyone. Things to consider with pricing, and for that we look at the plans. Free courses are also offered on some platforms. Others charge by course, and while some companies have monthly subscriptions, there really is a learning platform for every budget.

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Content is another factor. Some platforms focus on a specific area, such as computer programming, while others have more detailed catalogs that rival what any major college offers.

Another issue is the quality of coursework. Some are more crowded, allowing for the democratization of education. On the opposite end of the spectrum, we have platforms that partner with top rated professors from brand universities to teach content.

Lastly, there are some additional features available, such as the available smartphone apps. In addition, there are certificates and degrees available that can be completed for those seeking a more formal education.

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1. Skillshare

Best for creative types

reasons to buy
+free Trial+Large Video Catalog+Smartphone Apps for iOS and Android
reason to escape
limited support optionsaggressive sales strategyTrial is only one weekOpaque pricing of upper plans

Skillshare has a huge catalog of over 35,000 online videos, divided into the categories Create, Build and Thrive. It also has workshops that offer a more in-depth look at the areas. Getting started with this platform is easy, as it offers three tiers, and a one-week free trial. However, we found this service to be more expensive than some others, offering it on a month-to-month basis rather than just offering an annual plan. Also, another issue was that credit card information was a requirement to access the test, and we received reports of difficulties canceling the service. Through this service, issues aside, we found it an attractive option for those looking to learn new creative skills, offering research in areas including illustration, photography and design.

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2. LinkedIn Learning (formerly Linda)

Best for Professional Development Skills

reasons to buy
+free month trial+annual savings option+good preview of the content+Available Completion Certificate+Smartphone Apps for Learning Anywhere
reason to escape
limited support optionssingle tier plancostlimited content offerings

LinkedIn Learning is the educational outgrowth of a highly popular, professional networking platform. As you might suspect, this platform focuses on the development of professional skills, with a catalog that elaborates on over 16,000 offerings. The plan is simplified, with only one tier, but can be subscribed annually or monthly. We also like the interactive premise of this platform, which focuses on showcasing skills acquired with online quizzes and exercise files. The content is also quite professional, the education is conducted through expert instructors in their field. Learners also praise the flexibility in learning through smartphone apps, an audio-only option (perfect for jogging), and offline learning possibilities. Finally, integration with LinkedIn is evident, with the ability to place the certification gained upon successful completion of the course on the learner’s LinkedIn page.

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3. Masterclass

Best for those looking for classes taught by celebrities

reasons to buy
+celebrity trainer+Toll free phone support included+30 day satisfaction guarantee+cross platform support
reason to escape
Some support options are lackingAnnual billing onlylimited number of classesno certificate issued

While some platforms have thousands of courses, Masterclass offers fewer, in numbers, just over a hundred courses. However, what it lacks in breadth of subject matter, it more than makes up for in its list of teachers who easily qualify as Hollywood A-listers and the like. We leave out annual billing without the month-to-month option, but there is a choice of plans between the three tiers. Realize also that learning cinematography from acclaimed director James Cameron should be an experience, but overall Masterclasses offers more casual material, so don’t go looking for an online master’s degree here. Another standout feature is that the content is of high quality, with each course having trailers that can be shown in a movie theater to help students decide whether the course is worth pursuing. While there are fewer courses on offer, also realize that there is a comprehensive look at each topic, being divided into about 20 sections, each about 10 minutes in length.

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4. Udemy

Best for a comprehensive business course list

reasons to buy
+Large Course Catalog+streamlined content+smartphone apps+generally favorable reviews
reason to escape
limited support optionsless than transparent pricingshort testdisappointing plans

Udemy is notable for its Super Large Course Catalog, a ridiculously large 155k courses focused on business content taught by over 155k instructors. It is operated by over 7,000 enterprise customers. Users will definitely love the comments for the course that are integrated into the platform, the last time the course was updated, along with high-quality trailers to help you assess whether a course is a good fit for your needs. correct or not. We also noted the choice of tiers and the 30-day money back guarantee period. Some downsides include that some courses require purchasing individually as opposed to a monthly subscription, limited support options that do not require a direct phone number and an email address, and bugs with apps, especially for offline viewing. with. For those looking for the right business curriculum, with helpful materials to support learning, Udemy is worth a good look.

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5. edX

Best for online degree seekers

reasons to buy
+Leading University Content+free courses+micro degree offerings+Smartphone apps for both platforms
reason to escape
limited support optionsApp Drawbackshigh cost of degreelack of more incidental material

For those looking for an online learning platform to earn a college degree – undergraduate or graduate – edX is an excellent option. Instead of looking through online schools all at once, edX makes it possible to access coursework between 160 universities, such as Berkeley, Harvard University and Boston University. In addition, this research is taught by university professors who teach more than 3,000 courses. The courses are designed to earn a certificate, an online college degree, or even apply for a degree at a university. This high level of quality education doesn’t come at a bargain price, or you can afford a monthly subscription, but rather these types of degrees can cost in the thousands, though keep in mind that they cost less than attending the same school in residence. , not to mention saving room and board costs in a hostel.

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6. Coursera

Best for Directed Projects

reasons to buy
+free courses+Partnerships with Top Universities+detailed list+100% Online Degree
reason to escape
limited support optionsCertificate pricing may be more upfrontshort trial period

Coursera is an online tutor that also focuses on college-level education, and has partnered with major universities, including Arizona State University and Duke University, and has forged alliances with several Fortune 500 companies. The platform is notable because of the emphasis on university courses, along with over a thousand free content videos and certificate programs. This material can be taken to earn a college degree completely online. The distinguishing feature is guided projects, which are undertaken to allow the learner to use his/her newly acquired skills under the watchful guidance of an instructor. Those looking to acquire some job-ready skills from a name brand university, whether in the form of certificates, degrees or advanced degrees, should take a look at this platform.

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7. FutureLearn

Best for Online Education with a British Focus

reasons to buy

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