Best people search finder services and engines 2021

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The best people finder services and search engines, making it easier and easier to locate a long-lost friend or relative and confirm that someone is who they claim to be.

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This can be especially useful because general search engines are not great people searchers: they can tell you if someone has a website or a public profile, but they aren’t so good at telling you where they are. What are they doing or with whom do they live?

So if you’re trying to locate a long-lost friend or estranged relative or just want to make sure you have someone new in your life who they claim to be, People Finder is a better option. Is.


As you will see from our people search websites, there are big differences between these services. Some can tell you about someone’s employment but not their education, some involve social media and others can also tell you about a person’s business interests and assets. For employment services, you must use a background check service.

So here are the search engines out there for us to find the best people.

1. Intelius

See how people are connected

reasons to buy
+Provides education data+great data visualization+Single-report and subscription options
reason to escape
not the cheapest
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Each individual Finder service presents information in its own way, but we really like the way Intelius does it. The service displays people in spidery graphs which makes it really easy to see how different people are connected to the report. The built-in data is nice too, and includes educational history—a handy additional data point if you’re trying to track down someone or check their resume.

There’s also the option to signup for Intelius Premiere Plus, which allows for unlimited searches each month. This lets you search for anyone by name or phone number as many times as you want.

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2. Truth Seeker

Well featured service that gives great results

reasons to buy
+user friendly+impressive search results+self-monitoring capability
reason to escape
some rivals are cheap

TruthFinder is a versatile service that offers a range of different background checks, but its major strength is this product’s ability when it comes to finding people – and providing a whole host of data on them.

Truthfinder Search covers both public and private databases, and is able to extract information from a variety of sources, including social media, criminal records, and more.

There are also some interesting additions like self-monitoring tools that give you a chance to see what other people might be able to see on you. Or there’s a reverse phone number lookup you can use to identify who’s behind a given phone number, with full reports provided on that person, not just their name.

Truthfinder also benefits from a slick and easy-to-use interface, and overall, it’s one of the better ones out there search finder services. You’ll pay for the quality results on offer, mind you, as it’s far from an affordable service, though if you subscribe monthly, and use Truthfinder appropriately, it’ll probably be worth the outlay.

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3. Instant Checkmate

Nice, economical and accurate

reasons to buy
+good price +accurate information+good search tools+wide range of searches
reason to escape
subscription only

Instant Checkmate seems to search every conceivable register—it can even tell you whether registered sex offenders live nearby. It has a very comprehensive set of reports covering criminal history, marriage and property, although the site design feels like a never-ending procession of slow progress bars and vague warnings about the content you may be exposed to. Emphasizes a lot. For a while, but we can see why it would warrant an urge to exercise caution.

There are two different price plans available, both offering unlimited reports. The monthly plan is expensive compared to other services but it is potentially one of the most comprehensive services out there, allowing you to search not only criminal records, address and phone information, but additional details such as bankruptcies and weapons permits. There is also a quarterly plan that offers the same service but means you save on the normal monthly plan.

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Simple, effective and economical

reasons to buy
+good price+easy search+data on time
reason to escape
original presentationMarriages in some states only

US Search may be a good option for some people, but keep in mind that marriage data is only available for 11 US states. It’s not the best service in any particular category, but as an overall package it’s impressive value for money.

The cheapest option provides a single report on a single individual. However, plans are available for more regular reporting that may include the use of social media as well as public records.

A monthly plan allows you to run unlimited searches. You can buy the quarterly plan for unlimited reports if you think you might need more time.

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5. People Finder

Great value on comprehensive service

reasons to buy
+good quality comprehensive report+Contains some business data+easy to use
reason to escape
does not cover social media

PeopleFinders provides a range of services to find people, using more than 43 billion public records to provide information on more than 250 million Americans.

While the primary advertised service is for background checks, there are other options available. For example, you can run an address lookup to find out not only who can live in the property but also the history related to the property which can be good for buyers looking to move the home.

Another option is the ability to search databases of criminal records, allowing you to sift through court records for anything from traffic violations to arrests and for what. Additionally, you can run less tedious checks like reverse phone lookup so that you can identify the callers even before you pick up the phone.

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6. Leg Verified

An impressive service that’s also affordable

reasons to buy
+Great for employment history+Lots of information in search results+good overall value
reason to escape
Some data costs extrano personal report

BeenVerified is a service that covers all the required bases, and allows searching using a variety of data (including the choice of vehicle details, for example). A strong suit here is that it’s also good at employment history, but on the other hand, a distinct downside is that there’s no option for personalized reporting – you have to sign up for a monthly subscription that gives you unlimited reports. Is.

There are two plans, one of which is a month-to-month subscription, and the other is a cheaper option that requires a three-month commitment. For the outlay, you get access to reporting that gives you not only basic details, but also social media information, criminal records and property records. It’s also possible to search for unclaimed property in your name, so there are certainly some useful avenues to explore, even though the lack of individual reports may make it a difficult sell for more casual users.

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