Best POS systems for food trucks in 2021: Toast POS, Square POS and more top food truck POS system providers

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In the fast-paced food truck business, using a modern food truck POS system to collect customers’ payments quickly can be the difference between a successful business day and a wasted day. Relying on traditional cash registers to take these payments up to speed can sometimes result in mechanical defects, which end up costing you significant sales.

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With the modern innovation of POS in the hospitality sector, you must be wondering which is the best POS system for my food truck? There are many great ones, but only you can choose the one that best suits your business. Sit back as we explore the best food truck POS system options, from TouchBistro to Square POS and Toast POS. We compare POS systems to help you take payments faster and optimize daily business operations.

What is a POS system for a food truck?

Great question. The hospitality buzz-word POS stands for Point of Sale (or POS) system. A POS system for a food truck is specifically designed to accommodate the speed and accuracy required when taking mobile order payments from customers.

Food Truck POS System Question Checklist ✔


By nature, the food truck POS system needs to be installed for payment flexibility. Beyond flexibility and affordability, here’s what you should consider before deciding on the best POS system for your food truck:

Is it able to process multiple payment types…

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Debit, Credit, Cash, Gift Cards, Refunds, Split Group Payments, Tipping, Online Ordering – Food Truck POS System has to be ready for virtually any type of transaction. When customer cravings strike, you want to be able to deliver the moment of lip-smacking goodness they’ve been waiting for, while not messing with card machine error codes.

And Accept different currencies?

Tourists often flock to food trucks for a taste of authentic local food, which means your POS provider needs to empower you by being ready to accept a wide variety of currencies.

Can it give me profitable insight into my customer data?

Building relationships with your regular people encourages word-of-mouth marketing, and can lead to a significant increase in sales.

A quality POS system will summarize customer spending behavior in useful reports, and allow you to see who could benefit from regular rewards from a customer loyalty plan. It can also help you to create other repeat orders from one-time customers.

For example, if you set up your POS system to flag up when a customer spends X amount of money, and notice that a local business has placed a large lunch order, offering them a membership discount may help. There may be a steady increase in weekly sales.

Will it help me manage my inventory?

Fortunately, alerts for lower product tiers and notifications for stock rotations are common in hospitality POS software. Whichever POS provider you choose, make sure they offer helpful inventory features to give your food truck a competitive edge.

Do I really have room for this?

With less space than most commercial kitchens, ensuring your provider-provided POS hardware actually fits comfortably in your food truck.

Most food truck POS providers offer mobile POS systems that can be used across phones, tablets, and desktop devices. This is especially helpful if you’re used to using an iPad POS system, or you have multiple food trucks that you serve and go to in-between.

How easy is it to set up, and how much follow-up support do I get?

When you regularly change truck locations, stand on your feet in a small workspace, and switch between every role from line cook to business owner, the last thing you need is a complicated setup. process. Your POS system should be straightforward to start, and it should be even easier to teach to coworkers.

Check to see if your POS provider has reliable customer support (as and when you’ll need it in your time zone), online training guides for reference, or account management. Most POS companies have one or a combination of these as standard, as well as options such as website live chat or in-app support.

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