Best POS systems for restaurants: restaurant POS systems for all size food service businesses

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The best POS systems for restaurants, such as Square POS, are feature-rich with restaurant-specific integrations and are designed for both back and front home use. In addition to helping you manage inventory and employees, a restaurant POS system needs to champion fast, secure payment processing with the flexibility to work online or offline.

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In our guide to the best POS systems for restaurants, we look at how some of the most popular POS brands built for hospitality can help you captivate your customer and revolutionize your restaurant operations.

What is a Restaurant POS System?

A fully integrated POS system for a restaurant can help you run your business in the most efficient way possible, increasing customer satisfaction, employee well-being and your bottom line.


Modern POS systems have replaced the old-fashioned POS cash register as a physical point of sale where sales and other transactions take place. But they just don’t do that.

These days, restaurant POS systems come with a variety of functions and capabilities, including employee shift management, order processing, reservations, table-side ordering for contactless dining, and more.

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