Best presentation software of 2021

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Best presentation software makes it simple and easy to create, manage and share slideshow presentations.

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This is important, as presentation software is at the heart of business sales, management, and development. The need to share ideas, concepts, work practices and workflows can be an essential part of a department, and the ability to present these in a simple and understandable manner is essential.

However, while presentation software has traditionally been limited to text and images, it has increased its ability to work with a variety of media such as video and audio.


That’s why it’s important for the best presentation software to be not only easy and simple to use, but also capable of supporting these additional media so that presentations are more engaging, lively, and ultimately help educate and update their intended audience. be able to fulfill the purpose.

There are so many different presentation software platforms around, but the range can be confusing. So here we have listed the best presentation software in the market from paid-for, subscription and even free platforms.

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The best office software in the world is: Microsoft 365
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The best office software in the world is: Microsoft 365
There are many different office software suites out there, but Microsoft Office remains the original and the best, offering an unsurpassed range of features and functionality that rivals simply cannot match.

Even better, Microsoft 365 — formerly branded as Office 365 — is a cloud-based solution that means you can use it on any computer, mobile device, or smartphone without worrying about compatibility. Huh. All your files are saved in the cloud and synced between devices, so you can start working on a document at home or the office, then continue working on it on the go.

You can sign up for Microsoft 365 here,

1. Powerpoint

Original and Best Presentation Software

reasons to buy
,familiar interface,market leader,original and best,free apps

For most people, Microsoft’s PowerPoint remains the core and best of all presentation software platforms. While other companies have managed to catch up with rival products and offer something worth considering, the fact that PowerPoint’s familiar interface and ubiquitous availability mean it remains a favorite for most people.

On one hand, it’s long been a staple of the hugely popular Microsoft Office suite, which means that for most users it will be the first and last presentation software they’ll need to use.

Additionally, Microsoft, along with its other Office products, has made PowerPoint available for mobile use as a free app (with limited functionality) on both iOS and Android, which means it’s even harder to avoid them. And that’s before we even consider the inclusion of PowerPoint in Microsoft’s cloud-based Microsoft 365.

It does everything you’d expect from presentation software, allowing you to combine text and media in a series of slides, accompanying conversations and other presentations. There are easy-to-use templates that help spice things up a bit, but even a normal user with a bit of experience is likely to be able to use PowerPoint without much hassle. capable.

Overall, it’s hard to go wrong with PowerPoint, and although Microsoft 365 has a modest cost, the apps are free to use, even if they have more limited functionality.

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2. CustomShow

Presentations That Get Branding First

reasons to buy
,easy analysis,Can import PowerPoint files
reason to escape
,no free trial

Branding says a lot about a business, and it’s something firms need to get right from day one – from a good logo to an appropriate font. CustomShow is business presentation software that puts all these elements of branding first.

Using the system, you can design and present customized, branded presentations that reflect your company and the products you offer, including the aforementioned logo and custom fonts. Plus, you get a slide library and analysis to make sure your presentations are successful.

In addition, you can import presentations into software, and use it to further tweak them. There’s also integration with SalesForce, and because the platform is cloud-based, you can access your presentations on computers, tablets, and smartphones.

With a focus on branding, this offering can be good for marketing and sales teams, and is used by major companies such as HBO and CBS Interactive.

3. Clearslide

A Marketing and Sales Dream

reasons to buy
,Personalized Tools for Sales Teams,TONS OF FEATURES,more than just presentations

Like CustomShow, ClearSlide has a niche focus for companies. The platform is targeted at firms that want to generate successful marketing campaigns, drive sales through presentations (and more), through a range of analytics and metrics to work with minimal sales and marketing. Not from

With the product, you can upload a wide variety of files, including PowerPoint, Keynote, PDF, and Excel. ClearSlide integrates with other platforms including Google Drive, Dropbox and Salesforce.

The system is too complex and may provide too many irrelevant features for some businesses, but you can create customized content that reflects your company and the message you’re trying to convey to customers. There are also some nice metrics and analytics features, and you can sign up for a free trial before making any decisions.

ClearSlide’s real strength comes from its focus on sales and marketing data, not least being able to track user engagement with other metrics.

4. Haiku Deck

Offers a ton of customizable themes

reasons to buy
,Access to millions of stock images,lots of smart themes
reason to escape
,Not as well featured as some rivals

Any presentation app will allow you to personalize your slides, at least to some degree, but Haiku Deck goes one step ahead of the competition. It comes with a wide range of themes to suit different needs, and you get access to 40 million free images from the Creative Commons collection.

When it comes to creating a presentation, you have the option to do so over the web, which means your presentation is accessible on mobile devices as well as desktop. Regardless of the device used, you’re able to choose from a variety of different fonts, layouts, and filters for the perfect presentation.

The best part about these various customization options is that they are categorized into different industries and use cases. For example, you’ll find themes for teaching, cooking, real-estate and startups. Most features require you to be online, but hopefully you have a strong net connection wherever you go.

5. Slidedog

media-rich presentation producer

reasons to buy
,Works with a huge range of media,drag-and-drop simplicity,Livestream the presentation on any device with a browser
reason to escape
,would be too basic for some

It’s very easy to create a presentation that isn’t flashy, and the last thing you want to do is make the audience sleepy. SlideDog lets you combine almost any type of media to create a rich presentation that’s sure to keep audience glances open, avoiding the ‘cookie cutter’ look that makes presentations seem dull.

Marketed as a web-based multimedia presentation tool, it gives you the ability to combine PowerPoint presentations, graphics, PDF files, Prezi presentations, web pages, pictures, videos and movie clips. You can drag these into custom playlists and easily display them to your audience.

You’re able to control your presentations and playlists remotely from your smartphone, web or secondary computer, and there’s also the option to share slides in real-time. Audience members can also click on the link to view your slides from their devices. This is a handy feature to have if you want to create an immersive presentation experience.

SlideDog is probably the cheapest presentation software out there, with a free account that will cover the essential features. However, you will need to upgrade for live sharing and premium support.

6. Prezik

a unique presentation experience

reasons to buy
,Create Interactive Presentations,Extreme Visuals, HD Experience,Allows on-the-fly customization

Prezi is one of the more specialized presentation tools. Instead of presenting your graphics and text in a slide-to-slide format, you can create highly visual and interactive presentation canvases with the goal of “emphasizing the connection between ideas.”

Presentations can also be tailored to specific audiences, as it is a flexible platform capable of moving without having to flip through all slides to reach a particular bit, or rotate to a side subject.

For business users, there are a variety of useful tools available. By downloading Prezi, you can create and edit presentations with your colleagues in real-time, perfect for companies with teams around the world.

When you’ve created a presentation you’re happy with, you can present it live (in HD) and send a direct link to the audience. There are also some analytics tools here – you can see who has access to your presentation, what parts of it, and for how long. The app is available for Mac and Windows devices.

Other Presentation Software to Consider

Google Slides is part of the Google Workspace (formerly G Suite) Office platform intended as an online alternative to Microsoft Office. It might seem a bit limited when compared to PowerPoint, but since it’s browser-based, that means cross-platform compatibility. Additionally, it allows for collaborative work, and Google Slides does a really good job here. On top of the fact that it integrates with the rest of Google Workspace apps, at least not Google Drive, and you have a…

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