Best smart light 2021: Philips Hue, LIFX and others we’ve tested

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The best smart lights ensure that you create the perfect ambiance in your home from your smartphone. You can illuminate or dim a smart light bulb, as well as change the color or even turn the bulb on or off without leaving the couch.

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A smart light bulb replaces your existing bulb and is one of the most economical ways to start your smart home journey. Easy to use, they can use Bluetooth or Wi-Fi to connect to your smartphone. However, they can also be controlled by a voice-assistant.

So whether you have the best smart speaker or the best smart display in your home, you can ask the built-in voice assistant to control the lighting for you instead of reaching for your smartphone. As well as making your life easier, a smart light can also help save money and energy, as they are LEDs, which use less energy and last longer than incandescent bulbs.


Smart lighting can also be set to work with other smart home devices such as smart plugs and smart thermostats to ensure that your home has a comfortable atmosphere as soon as you step through the door.

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With such a wide array of smart lights on the market today, from giants like Philips Hue and LIFX to new brands including Eufy and TP-Link, you can’t be turned on the switch when it comes to the best smart lights. That’s why we’ve tested several models to make sure you’re not in the dark about which are the best smart lights you can buy right now.

Best Smart Lights: Ranking

1. Philips Hue Color Ambiance

The best smart light bulbs you can buy

Wattage: 10 W
Colour: +16 million colors
color temperature: 2,000-6,500K
Lumen Output: 806
Life span: 25,000 hours
Height: 109.2 mm
Diameter: 62 mm
reasons to buy
+easy to set up+Works with Alexa, Google Assistant and HomeKit+Wide range of different smart lights
reason to escape
The hub needs to access all the featurescostlier than incandescent bulbs

There’s a very good reason why Philips Hue is the biggest name in the smart lighting scene: It’s undoubtedly one of the biggest offerings to the market. Produces the most natural tone illumination of any smart lighting we’ve used, the app is easy to use, and installation is a doddle.

There is also a wide range of different smart lighting systems; From color (with 16 million colors) and white bulbs (both solid and ambient that provides a host of different colors) to side and ceiling lamps, outdoor lighting and even Philips Hue lightstrips. We were also impressed with the way the smart light works with Alexa, Google Assistant, and HomeKit.

That said, while the new version of Hue bulbs have Bluetooth built-in so you don’t need a hub to set them up, the Hue Bridge makes sure you’re up to all the useful features, such as geofence and the ability to customize the lights. can reach. come on; For example at a specified time or when something happens like sunset or sunrise.

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2. LIFX A19

best smart light bulb without hub

Wattage: 11 W
Colour: 16 million colors
color temperature: 2,500-9,000K
Lumen Output: 1100
Life span: 25,000 hours
Height: 114.8 mm
Diameter: 62 mm
reasons to buy
+no hub required+Wide range of colors and styles+Works with Alexa, Google Assistant and HomeKit
reason to escape
heavy, unusual looking bulbscostlier than incandescent bulbs

Like Philips Hue, LIFX offers a plethora of smart light options; From the color and white bulbs that light up the full-size and more compact LIFX Mini design as well as the LightStrips, the LIFX Beam – both in Smart Light Wall Art and the LIFX Clean – is a smart light that can also kill bacteria. There’s also an outdoor bulb that enhances the night vision of the best home security cameras.

Unlike Philips Hue, LIFX bulbs don’t require a hub to access all the features—these smart lights connect directly to your Wi-Fi. Simple to set up and easy to control, we were[also pressed on]the vibrant colors offered by the bulb. Although the bulbs are expensive compared to incandescent bulbs like the Philips Hue.[pressedatthevibrantcolorsofferedbythebulbstooHoweverjustlikePhilipsHuethebulbsareexpensivecomparedtoincandescentbulbs[बल्बद्वारापेशकिएगएजीवंतरंगोंपरभीदबायागया।हालांकिफिलिप्सह्यूकीतरहतापदीप्तबल्बोंकीतुलनामेंबल्बमहंगेहैं।[pressedatthevibrantcolorsofferedbythebulbstoo HoweverjustlikePhilipsHuethebulbsareexpensivecomparedtoincandescentbulbs

They’re also compatible with HomeKit, Amazon Alexa, and Google Assistant, which means no matter what kind of smart home you have, they’ll fit. However, the bulbs have an unusual style with a flat top, so they don’t look natural, and they’re also heavy.

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3. Nanoleaf Shape

The best smart lights to match your mood and music

Wattage: 42 W
Colour: 16.7 million colors
color temperature: 1200-6500K
Lumen Output: Between 20-100lm/panel
Life span: 25,000 hours
Height: 200 mm
Width: 230 mm
reasons to buy
+easy to set up+Illuminated Wall Art Instead of Bulbs+Can change color and pulse to create fun effects
reason to escape
Difficult to remove once mountedDon’t look attractive when there is no light

Nanoleaf shapes take the concept of light and turn it into a base-over-apex. Using a collection of hexagonal and triangular panels, you create a dynamic shape on your wall (or ceiling, or both) that can move through over 16 million different colors.

What’s more, the panels can shine solid colors or transition through the colors at various speeds to create a unique lighting effect in your home. On top of that, you can set the panel to react to touch or even play music around you, placing it at the center of your own music video.

The basic set comes with nine panels, all of which are the same size, but you have the option of adding more and you can mix and match different shapes. We agree that these plastic panels don’t look particularly attractive when they’re not illuminated, so if you’re after a more stylish look all the time; Nanoleaf elements in a version of the hexagonal panels, which have a wood-like veneer. They are also difficult to remove once mounted,

Don’t like the sound of hexagons and triangles? Nanoleaf canvases are square shaped lightweight panels, but unfortunately, they cannot be combined with Nanoleaf shapes.

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4. Nanoleaf Essentials

best economical smart light bulb

Wattage: 9 W
Colour: 16.7 million
color temperature: 2,700-6,500
Lumen Output: 1,100
Life span: 25,000 hours
Height: 110 mm
Width: 61mm
reasons to buy
+cheap+Thread and Bluetooth connectivity+Circadian lighting feature mimics natural light
reason to escape
Reduces Alexa integrationunusual design

There’s no denying that the nanoleaf shapes create unique lighting effects, but they’re an expensive purchase, and they won’t fit into existing side lamps. Fear not, Nanoleaf also offers the more affordable Essentials range of smart lighting. Choose between a smart light bulb, one with a unique geometric design known as a rhombicosidodecahedron (though it won’t be to everyone’s taste), or the Nanoleaf Essential Lightstrip.

Not only can they shine a wide range of colors, they also have a circadian lighting feature that varies color temperature throughout the day to mimic natural light.

Nanoleaf Essentials’ smart lights support Thread, a smart home technology that’s more stable than Wi-Fi and eliminates laggy connections as well as Bluetooth. However, they only work with HomeKit and the Google Assistant, so it might be worth avoiding them if you use Alexa to control your smart home.

Read our full review: Nanoleaf Essentials A19 E27 Smart Bulb

best smart light bulbs for retro style

Wattage: 7 W
Colour: out of place
color temperature: 2700
Lumen Output: 800
Life span: 20,000 hours
Height: 120 mm
Width: 60 mm
reasons to buy
+More economical than most smart bulbs+Alexa and Google Assistant Support+color, white or filament style offered
reason to escape
no homekit support

TP-Link may be the brand best-known for networking products like the best wireless routers and best powerline adapters, but it also carries an affordable range of smart home devices, including smart bulbs.

As well as color and white bulbs, it’s one of the few brands that also offers smart filament-style bulbs (the model we reviewed here) that can create a vintage-style look while still maintaining modern smart home capabilities. Is.

Simple to set up and easy to use, the TP-Link Kasa Filament Smart Bulb also offers Amazon Alexa and Google integration, though there’s no HomeKit support.

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6. Hive Active Light

(UK only) Best smart lights for a single ecosystem

Wattage: 9.5 W
Colour: 16 million colors
color temperature: 2700K-6500K
Lumen Output: 806
Life span: 25,000 hours
Height: 130mm
Diameter: 60 mm
reasons to buy
+easy-to-use app+Works with ecosystem of other smart home gadgets+Also works with Philips Hue bulbs
reason to escape
need hive hubLamp and ceiling light options are lacking

If you want a smart light that fits within an ecosystem, the Hive Active Lite is a good fit. If you’re already the proud owner of a Hive thermostat, plug, motion sensor, or Hive View camera, you’ll know that all Hive devices can be controlled with a single easy-to-use app, provided you have a Hive Hub, streamlining the smart home control process.

As an added bonus, Philips’ Hue bulbs can be integrated into the Hive ecosystem, so if you’re far down the list but are still wondering about the Hue range, you can go back and try them. Can buy now.

Like other smart light ranges, the Hive has a variety of bulbs, some of which change color and some that are just white, though it lacks the options of lamps and ceiling lights that other ranges offer. We do. The light in them is very pleasant, although the bulbs do ‘pulse’ a bit if you turn them on using the light…

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