Best spark plugs for 2021

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Assuming you drive a petrol-powered vehicle and not an EV or something that runs on diesel, when was the last time you thought about its ignition system? You’re definitely not alone if Never is your answer. The coil pack, spark plug, and high-tension leads are the unsung under-hood heroes, which together play a mission-critical role in the four-stroke combustion cycle. These components work combined to ignite a delicately balanced mixture of air and fuel in each cylinder, which ultimately pushes you down the road.

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The business end of an ignition system is the humble spark plug. On the surface, these cylindrical-shaped, threaded components look simple, but there’s an incredible amount of engineering that goes into each one. Plus, there’s a dizzying array of spark plugs on the market, with specific designs for everything from lawnmowers to race cars. There are different electrode materials and plug lengths, the heat range varies depending on the application and some spark plugs are strictly intended for turbocharged or supercharged engines.

But what are the best spark plugs to buy if it’s time to replace them on your ride? Well, that’s actually an easy question to answer. Hans Lipp, Director of Ignition Application Engineering at DRIV Motorparts, a division of Teneco, put it best, “[Make sure] The spark plugs you put in your engine are actually what’s recommended for this specific engine,” specifically the heat range. If you don’t, he said, “very, very bad things can happen.” Manufacturers provide specific information about which plugs you should use if you don’t feel like buying OEM spark plugs, part numbers that can be easily cross-referenced to find compatible plugs from different manufacturers. Is.


Keeping things revelatory, this guide highlights some of the best spark plugs on the market today and delves into related terminology. Our recommendations across categories are based not only on expert knowledge but also on real-world customer reviews.

Compare Among the best spark plugs in 2021

Product Name cost Properties the profit
Best Copper-Core Spark Plugs

Champion Copper Plus

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Corrosion Resistant Body, Copper Core

Highly rated, good for small engines and classic cars

Best Super-Affordable Spark Plugs

Autolite Copper Core

$10 4. For

copper core

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