Development beyond good and evil 2 There has been a quiet process as developer Ubisoft keeps most of the ongoing work for the upcoming sequel behind closed doors. However, a recent job posting for beyond good and evil 2The U.S. development team can provide details on exactly how far the process has progressed while fans await the official news.

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While Ubisoft continues to assure fans that beyond good and evil 2 Still coming, the developer has been limited about how this development is going. So, given that the company is still hiring the programmers and developers at Ubisoft Montpellier who are currently working on the title, it at least goes a little way for easy fan nerves as to whether it will be released or released. Preparing for cancellation.


In a recent job posting for an engine programmer, Ubisoft outlined the duties of this new position for someone who will be working on a game engine. beyond good and evil 2, Most interestingly, the title does not come with the responsibilities of completing or designing the game’s engine, but more along the lines of maintenance and fine-tuning. This new position is specifically tasked with replacing existing code to improve structure and clarity, without making any major changes that would change the overall behavior of the program.

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Given both the aptitude for this engine programmer position and its specific mission statement, it is likely a backend programmer being brought in to improve optimizations and bug fixes. Ubisoft appoints developer specifically for this position. beyond good and evil 2 This may indicate that the base engine for the game has been completed, and is in the final polishing stages before being ready for release. It should be noted that this does not mean that other important factors such as visual and audio assets or even level design are eliminated at this point, but that the foundation for them is being smoothed out.

For anyone sitting through the title’s credits to a triple-A developer like Ubisoft, it’s clear that there are a lot of moving parts that go into developing a game. However, each position has a specific role in different stages of development, and a position such as this new engine programmer would not be necessary without working with a finished, but possibly unpolished, engine. So, with an engine that could be closer to launching Beyond Good & Evil 2, Ubisoft might suggest otherwise than the silence of Montpellier.

beyond good and evil 2 Currently in development.

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