While there are certainly sales during the year, being a gamer doesn’t necessarily have to be a cheap hobby. For this reason, many gamers fall for opportunities to earn a little bit back when buying games and consoles, but unfortunately, one such opportunity seems to be coming to an end for most users.

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For those who don’t know, Sony and the PlayStation Store have offered a reward system for some time now. Sony Rewards, when linked to a PlayStation Store account, gives shoppers points for every purchase made through the store that can be used for game discounts and purchases. However, some new requirements are being put in place to earn points.


In an email that debuted to customers today, major changes were announced for Sony’s bounty program that will begin on January 1, 2022. Currently, all users are able to earn one point per dollar spent on the PlayStation Store, and users can earn more if they make their purchases via a Sony or PlayStation credit card. This will all end at the end of the month, however, and from that point forward, only Sony or PlayStation credit card holders will be able to earn points.

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It is not entirely clear why Sony is suddenly and quietly making this change in its schedule. While many commentators have noted that it took a long time to earn enough points to trade for what they wanted, being cut off from the opportunity to save money or acquire new assets is not being well received by the community. Is. Many users balked at the notion of signing up for a specific credit card to earn points, while others put off the idea of ​​making purchases on the PlayStation Store altogether.

For those who still have points earned through the store, according to Sony’s official terms, those points should remain active for some time depending on the user’s actions. Points are set to expire after five years of scoring, but inaction on the Sony Rewards platform will end them in 18 months. Those who currently have Points and either won’t or won’t sign up for a credit card through Sony may want to use them in the near future.

Thankfully for PlayStation gamers, rumors claim that a new PlayStation program is on the way to rival Xbox Game Pass. While signing up for a subscription service — even a pricey one — isn’t the same as earning rewards for one’s purchases, it does at least provide players a way to access AAA titles without breaking the bank. Can do.

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