BioWare calls Dragon Age 4 a single-player game “built on choices that matter”

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BioWare has released a short and sweet update on Dragon Age 4, calling the follow-up to Inquisition the single-player-focused game “built on choices in that matter.”

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There’s nothing revolutionary in the new update, but something from BioWare on Dragon Age 4 is worth parsing. If anything, it’s another assurance that a strong single-player campaign will be at the heart of the sequel.

“We are hard at work on the next iterations of Dragon Age and Mass Effect,” BioWare general manager Gary McKay wrote in a statement. blog post, “I’m seeing some incredible work from both teams.” He further stated that “an experienced group of talented developers” are working on the sequel, and that the studio is “focused on a single-player experience that is built on significant choices.”


We’ve heard the single-player-ness of Studio Stress Dragon Age 4 before, but it’s still unclear what that all means. For example, this could mean that Dragon Age 4 will have some kind of online/multiplayer component, with only the single-player experience being the main focus. Alternatively, according to a February 2021 Bloomberg report, EA has ended all multiplayer content following the demise of Anthem Next. The latter seems more likely, given BioWare’s repeated promises that Dragon Age 4 will be single-player focused, but the studio hasn’t confirmed anything explicitly yet.

It seems that Dragon Age 4 is still quite early in development, as there is still no official title or release date. gamesbeat It was reported last year that a 2023 launch was being targeted, but that could easily have changed in the months since the pandemic broke out.

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