BioWare says Mass Effect 5 poster has “at least five surprises” – here’s what they could be

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Mass Effect 5 According to BioWare GM Gary McKay, the teaser poster dropped during last year’s N7 Day has “at least five surprises in it” that hint at the future of the series.

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McKay calls this blazing signal a . leaves in Post on BioWare Blog Titled ‘State of Bioware and Looking Ahead’. After praising the success of Mass Effect Legendary Edition and praising BioWare employees for their work during the pandemic, McKay turned his attention to the future. Coming out on February 15 is the KOTOR Legacy of the Sith expansion, Dragon Age 4, and Mass Effect 5 on the horizon, after all.

According to McKay, the “Mass Effect Will Continue” poster, revealed on November 7, 2021, contains “a handful of hidden treats” by his count, that number “at least five”. After the image was released, fans noticed that it was clearly referring to the return of the Geths, a synthetic alien civilization that serves as both friend and foe throughout the trilogy. So, maybe we can consider that one of the “at least five” wonders. But what else can we gain from the poster?

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First, there’s a four-person crew running from a ship parked near the giant, geth-shaped crater. One of them is clearly a krogan, while the other three figures are a bit more difficult to make. Either it’s meant to represent iconic crew members Joker, Garrus, Lyra, and either Grunt or Wrex, or it’s a nod to a potential four-person crew in the next Mass Effect game. Either way, the number is important.

Then there is the ship itself, which is not Normandy. The ship has ornate SFX on either side, which follows the same naming conventions as both versions of the Normandy, which were SR 1 and SR 2. The ship’s name is also a nod to Mass Effect’s original name, which in BioWare was called SFX, short for Science Fiction X.

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The third sign I can find is what appears to be the body of a dead gate, roughly halfway between the crater and the advancing crew. here is mass effect 3 endings Come into play and potentially point us towards the plot of Mass Effect 5. The destroyed Geth could mean that BioWare ‘destroyed’ the Mass Effect 3 canon, an idea that may be supported by a fourth hint…

The crater in the center of the poster may have been a destroyed mass relay. The shape certainly looks the same, and it would make sense if canonically Shepard chose the destroy path. This is the fourth sign I could find, but what about the fifth?

There’s another body lying just below the crater, and I think it’s Shepard. In the Mass Effect teaser trailer, Liara looks like a piece of Shepard’s omni-tool buried in ice on an unknown planet. And what is that Geth-shaped crater? I like snow…

In December 2020, I suggested The next Mass Effect game will be a direct sequel to Mass Effect 3 And that would make it the last canon to destroy even the toughest targets. To that end, Shepard destroys all synthetic life, including the Reapers and Geth, but saves Earth, Normandy… and himself.

In the same post that led to this breakdown, BioWare called Dragon Age 4 a single-player game “based on significant choices.”

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