Black Friday 8K TV deals 2021 – what can we expect

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Black Friday 8K TV deals may be the best way to future-proof your TV setup. These behemoth TVs have been in the woods long enough now that their technology has been widely accepted as just another TV type to consider, and their prices have dropped too – making life a prohibitive, ridiculous, expensive one. starting level.

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These TVs should, by default, offer the same technical upgrades as the best 4K 120Hz TVs (via HDMI 2.1) and have plenty of screens to become the best TVs for the PS5 and Xbox Series X, too. They have capability. And even though there’s no game In fact With 8K available to play in, they may one day (maybe?) mean that this year’s upcoming Black Friday 8K TV deals should provide an opportunity to get ahead of the curve for less.

Naturally, it’s that distinctive, mega resolution that defines 8K TVs, but a lot of these panels still share some of the very best technology and image quality that typically ranks the best QLED TVs, and the best OLED TVs. Makes you stand out from the rest of the crowd. .


While some people will still be eager to sway others to go the 8K route, we think it’s a viable option for entertainment, sports, and gaming. Image quality can be breathtaking and worth watching, while the technology will have you covered for years to come. I mean, there must be a reason Sony put ‘8K’ on the PS5 box, right? Correct? Gaming-focused or not, though, Black Friday 8K TV deals are worth a look if you’re after the top tier of TV tech — for less.

But remember, deals will spread far and wide this year with some of the Black Friday PS5 TV deals, as well as the extensive Black Friday PS5 deals and Black Friday Xbox Series X deals.

When will the Black Friday 8K TV deals start?

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The best deals are likely to be on Black Friday only: Friday, November 26 So this is the date for the calendar and reminders on your phone. However, we all know that retailers try to go first and foremost to outdo each other, and that will probably be the case again this year, so we think your best bet is to have them ready by the end of October. have to be

Where are the best Black Friday 8K TV deals?

We’re doing a great job of rounding up the best Black Friday 8K TV deals right here, but it’s likely all the usual suspects playing the game, and again offering price cuts. These are the go-to retailers we recommend for those just about to hit the big day.

The go-to retailer will have a selection of 8K TV deals for everything
best Buy: Often matches the price, and is one of the big stockers of 8K TVs
Samsung: Go straight to the makers of some of the best 8K Beasts
Newegg: Always looking for television

Walmart: A smaller selection than others but always a reliable retailer

Always a Safe Bet for 8K TVs
Samsung: Meet the makers of those sweet, sweet NeoQLED 8K TVs direct
very: Always a Strong Retailer for TVs

Curry: a will be one of the biggest stockers of 8K TVs this year
Box: You have a great selection and tons of filters to help you narrow down your search

Black Friday 8K TV deals: What we expect to see

Generally speaking, Black Friday 8K TV deals are the best way to go considering a TV of this magnitude every year. The leap you’re making in technology, and the fact that it’s primarily for the future, is definitely the best time to get an 8K TV for its lowest price in the course of a year. As a result, we’ll see lower prices than ever as retailers try and woo those who may be on the fence about getting down to 8K ground.

However, in itself the lowest prices so far are as expected. But, now that the technology is here to stay, makers of 8K TVs are regularly releasing new lines and series with their flagship 4K screens. And it’s the same this year: Samsung, LG and Sony — the three big players — have models from this year’s or last year’s lines that are better than ever to choose from. All of these models, especially Samsung’s new NeoQLED 8K TVs, are already subject to price cuts throughout the year, so we’re in for some insanely low Black Friday 8K TV deals and prices.

It’s also good news for those slightly older 8K TVs, which fall a bit further in terms of ‘being contemporary’ but remain the quality choice. Screens like the Samsung Q700T or Q950TS are very likely to cost less as the brand looks to see its new model lead the line.

Today’s best deal

As I mentioned above, though, some 8K TVs are already under price cuts, and that could very well be included right now! These can be indicators of the direction of travel that next month’s Black Friday 8K TV deals are going to be in, and they’ll also be a good reference point — and they may even reveal a worthy value for you to jump to right now. ..

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