Black Friday deal: The best starter 3D printer is only $340 today

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Simple to install.

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Black Friday is always a great time to pick up an excellent 3D printing deal, but it’s often the lower-end printers that are discounted. That’s fine, but it means your first 3D printing experience may be disappointing. The Anycubic Wiper has a number of advanced features not found in low-end printers that make it a better choice for your first machine. With auto bed-leveling and a live adjustable Z-axis, you can take the Viper out of the box, put it together, and start printing great-looking prints right away.

I’ve been using Viper to help me print toys for a toy drive, and it’s been running for the past 21 days straight. At no point has it failed; In fact, the filament run-out sensor has kept me from losing prints when the filament needs to be replaced. It has been a complete worker.

The Viper is just one of many Anicubic sales this Black Friday, and while there are plenty of great machines out there, none of them offer the instant gratification that the Viper does. Taking your printer out of the box and printing directly on it will last you a lifetime, just like it did with me.

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