Black Friday gaming headset deals 2021 – get a PS5, Xbox Series X, or PC headset for less this year

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Black Friday gaming headset deals are almost here. Expect some great offers, discounts and savings on top gaming headsets just in time for the holidays. There are also some early Black Friday gaming headset deals coming at retailers like Amazon and Best Buy that you’ll want to take advantage of now, rather than wait. But, waiting isn’t a bad thing, as we expect this year’s Black Friday gaming headset deals to be seriously impressive.

Again, there are currently some price cuts and discounts, but most of the official Black Friday gaming headset deals haven’t arrived yet — you’ll know when they do. Retailers will slash the prices of some top gaming headsets and they won’t be quiet about it, and the PS5 and Xbox Series X and S have been on the market for a year now, with savings on headsets made specifically for those consoles. Let’s hope.

Don’t worry, this year will definitely have something for everyone, whether it’s neon Razer headsets, low profile Arctis Cups, or no-nonsense sets that are more affordable. There could be special savings for players looking to cut the cord this year with the PS5 wireless headset, and the best Xbox Series X wireless headsets are likely to be getting some form of discount.

Because we’re out of a year of the new-gen, expect more options than ever when it comes to headsets for the PS5 and Xbox Series X. If you still need to secure a new console, check out PS5 stock and Xbox Series X stock, but if you don’t have a new console yet, you may still want to take advantage of this year’s Black Friday gaming headset deals. Huh. Keep track of deals on the best PS5 headsets or the best Xbox Series X headsets. And don’t forget, both major consoles have a lot of backwards computation, so focus on saving on the best PS4 headsets and best Xbox One headsets this year too.

Whatever you play, however you play it, and whatever you play it, there will be something here for you to help you listen even better.

However, it will not be about the new generation consoles offering the top gaming headset deals. We expect some of the best Nintendo Switch headsets to be heavily discounted as well. And PC gamers are never left out of Black Friday savings, as we’re sure the best PC headsets for gaming and the best wireless gaming headsets will be firmly covered in Black Friday gaming headset deals as well.

Prices are already changing in anticipation of Black Friday, so we’ve gathered some early Black Friday gaming headset deals for you. Whether you decide to shop now or wait a while, bookmark this hub so you can maximize your savings.

Early Black Friday Gaming Headset Deals

Some retailers have already rolled out Black Friday gaming headset deals in the US, which means there are already some discounts for you to take advantage of if you want to get ahead of the game.

Best Buy, which has some Black Friday deals already starting, is offering My Best Buy members a really sweet deal. If you shop on a “Black Friday Price Guarantee” item and the price drops on or before November 26, 2021, Best Buy will refund the difference to you.

Here’s what we found in our early Black Friday gaming headset deals.

Logitech G432 Wired Gaming Headset | $79.99

Logitech G432 Wired Gaming Headset | $79.99 $39.99 on Amazon
Save $40 – Get a solid Logitech wired gaming headset on Amazon right now for half. With 7.1 surround sound, a flip-to-mute mic, and 50mm audio drivers, it’s a big deal for a great headset.

Razer Kraken Tournament Edition | ,

Razer Kraken Tournament Edition | ,99.99 $55.68 on Amazon
Save $44 – Save big on an attractive and cool Razer Kraken Tournament Edition gaming headset. A retractable, noise-canceling mic and THX 7.1 surround sound capability make this a great deal—especially when you’re saving $44.

SteelSeries Arctis 1 Wireless Gaming Headset | $99.99

SteelSeries Arctis 1 Wireless Gaming Headset | $99.99 $84.51 at Walmart
Save $15 – You can save a little over $15 on this SteelSeries Arctis 1 Wireless Gaming Headset. It has a USB-C dongle so it can work with PS4, PS5, PC and Switch, and a detachable microphone if you want to use it for audio. A sleek, quiet headset on which you can save a fair bit.

HyperX Cloud II Wireless Gaming Headset | $149.99

HyperX Cloud II Wireless Gaming Headset | $149.99 $123.63 on Amazon
Save $26 – The HyperX Cloud II Wireless has just dropped for a record low price on Amazon. When you’re saving less than $30, we haven’t seen much deviation from that $149.99 MSRP over the entire lifetime of this 2021 headset, which means, while it’s a small discount, it’s the best we’ve seen all year. have seen.

Where are the best Black Friday gaming headset deals?

You can bet your bottom dollar that the best Black Friday gaming headset you can get this year will be right here on this webpage. Keep coming back to check on the latest as we head back to the first big sale period. But, we can already identify some of the big players in the headset deal game: The retailers below are familiar and will almost certainly be the venue for the biggest and best deals.

The mega-retailer will have almost any headset you need
best Buy: An excellent place to check out other big-brand options
Walmart: The large retailer will have a lot of headsets online and in its stores
Newegg: Always worth a look, and especially for PC-focused headsets
Razor: Jump straight to one of the best and check out some premium sets

Your first stop for gaming headset deals this year
very: A valuable retailer looking for deals
Overclocker: Good headset deals both outdoors and outdoors worth a look
Buyer: PC gaming expert
Curry: The UK’s Favorite Retailer of Tech and Gaming Gear
Razor: Going straight to one of the best in the business is a good move

When will the Black Friday gaming headset deals start?

Black Friday Headset Officially Launches 26 November, However some stores can’t help themselves and will launch their Black Friday offers ahead of the competition.

Some stores go so quickly, we’ve seen some delicious discounts start arriving around mid-October in the past, but traditionally, the second half of November is the real blockbuster season for the biggest discounts of the year, especially headsets. But around for a long time. If a headset has just been released, you’ll almost certainly get a better offer six months later.

Should you wait for Black Friday gaming headset deals?

In short: yes. Notably, at the time of writing in mid-October, we are only a few weeks from the start of the madness. Because of this, you can take advantage of and (hopefully) take advantage of some truly excellent discounts. Now, that’s not to say No The prices are worth it right now – you can get one that’s at a discount and is really attractive; And one that will give you a headset right now instead of running the stock gauntlet in a matter of weeks.

Black Friday Gaming Headset Deals – What to Expect

In terms of actual, finer specifics, and which models will be on offer for sure, we certainly have inkling, but nothing concrete yet (obviously). However, there are some models we can look at to cut prices based on historical prices and educated guesses.

It’s hard to imagine that the official Pulse 3D headset would actually crash in price, unfortunately. Sadly, it hasn’t received basically any price cut since its release with the PS5 last year. But, the Black model is coming out on October 29th, and this additional availability may be the only ‘deal’ we see on the official PS5 companion headset.

However, our other favorites may well come down. The SteelSeries Arctis 7P is great – and extremely popular. As a result of the latter we’ve seen stock levels fluctuate wildly, but that’s now leveled off and there’s a slight discount on Amazon right now. But that’s the only type of price cut we’ve seen. No guarantees, but this year’s Black Friday gaming headset deals could be prime time for the Arctis 7P to take a decent price cut — one to take a look at.

Turtle Beach’s Stealth 700 Gen 2 and 600 Gen 2 are two more to see. The 700 Gen 2 has barely had a price cut since launch, so it’s a good time to take a cut, if you ask us. If it comes down to $100, we’d recommend jumping on it. The Stealth 600 isn’t quite as high as the Gen 2 headset’s starting price point ($100) and has seen cuts of $10 here and there — but something a little more substantial, about the $70 mark or slightly below, could be a good deal. could. ,

It’s a bit speculative now, but we’re definitely in for some significant price drops this year. But if you’re just checking prices now, we have a raft of headset options below.

Black Friday Gaming Headset Deals – PS5 and PS4

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Black Friday gaming headset deals are going to be prime places for PS5 and PS4 players to get in on the action. Here’s a rundown of the latest and greatest prices. To find out why they’re so good, check out our guides to the top PS4 headsets and PS5 headsets.

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