Black Friday iPad deals 2021: everything we expect for iPad Pro, Mini, Air

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Some of the most in-demand offers coming out in November are Black Friday iPad deals, which means you’ll want to do your homework before jumping into the field later this year. Come November 26, competition will be fierce, which is why we’re showing you everything you can expect in 2021 from this year’s best Black Friday iPad deals.

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Black Friday deals are already set to bring some great discounts on 2020 models this year. Even last year when these devices were relatively new, we saw huge savings on the latest Pro and even the recently released 8th generation iPad. Amazon was the leader with discounts on new releases in both the US and UK, and so far we have seen the online retail giant dominate the world of cheap iPad deals this year. This bodes well for those looking for a more premium tablet in 2021, as we know new releases aren’t free from these blockbuster savings.

We also saw some record low prices on the entry-level 10.2-inch iPad last year, which was especially impressive considering it was only weeks old and the cheapest device from Apple. Black Friday iPad deals were more skewed for the US when it came to cheaper models, with a $299 price tag on the 10.2-inch model, but Amazon was also catering to UK shoppers with some small discounts.


We’re bringing you all of the best Black Friday iPad deals from last year right here, so you can prepare for 2021 offers and find out more about what to expect.

We track cheap iPad deals throughout the year, so we know the difference between a great deal and a dud. We’ll round up the best deals here (so bookmark this page and check back closer in time) once the official Black Friday iPad deals launch.

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The good news is that if you can’t wait until November, you don’t have to: We regularly see a return to Black Friday level pricing throughout the year and you’ll find all the latest discounts right below.

When will the 2021 Black Friday iPad deals start?

We can expect to see this year’s Black Friday iPad deals around November 26. While we usually see offers landing long before this, sometimes a week before, retailers make a splash to hold back their best iPad offers. It’s a big day.

However, that’s not to say that we’re expecting iPads to remain at full price until the biggest sales event of the year. Last year, Amazon Prime Day was pushed back to October because of the pandemic – a date change that essentially prematurely launched the entire savings season. That means Black Friday iPad deals were only landing in early November, though things could look different in 2021.

In years past, we’ve seen iPads return to full price just before savings begin, so that retailers can offer more headline-worthy discounts on the big day. That means we’d recommend keeping a close eye on Black Friday level iPad deals about two or three weeks before November 26th, and returning when the new savings roll out. Also, last year changed a lot, and we may see a more extended period of sales this time around.

Of course, it all depends on the model you are looking for. The advice above holds true for the latest releases, models that are heating up with Apple’s annual September launch event. However, cheap Black Friday iPad deals are far more frequent on previous-generation models, and you’ll usually find far more storage available for your cash here.

How to Find the Best Black Friday iPad Deals in 2021

When you’re shopping for the best Black Friday iPad deals, you’ll want to make sure you know exactly what you’re looking for. After a cheap everyday tool? Check out the flagship 2020 iPad or the upcoming 2021 equivalent. Looking for best in class but don’t need particularly fancy features? The 2020 iPad Air is likely to be priced lower until the 2021 Black Friday iPad deals, and you’re likely to get some discounts on the 2020 iPad Pro once the new generation is released. Find the best iPad for you with our detailed rundown of the benefits and features of each release.

Once you know what model you’re following, it’s time to head to the right retailer. Walmart, Amazon and Best Buy are known for their Black Friday iPad deals, with Walmart and Amazon in particular rolling out some great offers last year. If you’re shopping for an entry-level 10.2-inch release, you’ll want to go here first.

Amazon has historically held the best prices for both the iPad Pro and iPad Air over the past year, but B&H Photo has offered some surprising discounts on last gen devices as well, so these two retailers should be able to get a better deal. It would be wise to check against the other as well. Best Buy had one of the lowest prices on the 10.2-inch 2020 iPad last year, but you’ll need to stick to their offer quickly.

If you’re shopping in the UK, Currys, Amazon, and John Louis are competing for the best offers throughout the year and during Black Friday 2019. We’ll be there for your first browse, but make sure you don’t sleep in on Don Argos, Very, or Laptop Direct either.

When you’ve found your perfect Black Friday iPad deal, make sure it’s actually right by checking the price against other retailers. You’ll want to do a quick search on Nerdshala to make sure you can’t find a better deal anywhere else, and thankfully, we’re ready to continually scan you for the best Black Friday iPad deals. This means you can bookmark this page and be safe in the knowledge that you won’t need to dash across the web to make sure you’re getting a good price.

Which Black Friday iPad deals should I buy in 2021?

While we don’t yet know what Apple has in store for us with its 2021 range of tablets, we can make some educated guesses as to what the best Black Friday iPad deals will be based on last year’s activity.

Overall, we’re recommending that you keep an eye on the iPad Air 4 and 2021 range of iPad Pros this year. The former is likely to have a price drop which could be just $100/£100 more than the 10.2-inch 2021 device, while the latter (if 2020 follows the same pattern) will offer an early discount on Best in Show ready to do. .

You’ll find more details about the prospects for the 2021 Black Friday iPad deals on each model below.

ipad pro

Rumors are swirling about a possible Apple event in the spring, currently postponed for March 2021, that could reveal the next generation of iPad Pros. If so, you can expect some great Black Friday iPad deals on these models coming in November. By then, they’ll have some eight months under their belts on shelves and retailers will be happy to grab some headlines with big discounts.

If, however, 2021 runs the same as 2020, we won’t see new iPads until September. Last year we still saw Black Friday iPad deals offering some impressive discounts on these new releases, but it’s worth noting that a later release date could reduce those offers.

Regardless of what happens in 2021, however, the 2020 iPad Pro is still going to offer some excellent discounts in November. Old enough to bring down its price but new enough to address the threat of discontinuation, we expect to see big discounts on these powerful devices this time around.

IPAD air

However, if you don’t need the full glory of the (still priced) iPad Pro, the iPad Air 4 looks primed for some stellar Black Friday iPad deals this year. Apple doesn’t refresh this line of tablets nearly as often as its Pro line does, which means we have a good chance we won’t see a 2021 iPad Air release. While that doesn’t mean there’s no new meat to slash the price of the current iPad Air, the market will see some more savings than last time in a year.

Plus, the iPad Air is perfectly positioned for those who want a little more oomph from their tablet without needing some of the more advanced features of the Pro.

10.2 inch ipad

Entry level iPad models are already comparatively cheap. It’s almost certain that we’ll see a new tablet in this category of everyday devices in 2021, most likely to launch at the same $329/£329 price point as previous tablets. However, these models face a higher risk of closure, as we saw with the 2019 offering. That means you might be able to score a super low price on the 2020 model, but it’s more likely that you’ll be looking at the same $50 discount on the new device or big savings over the more expensive 2020 configuration.

Last year’s best iPad Black Friday deals

The best way to predict what will happen in 2021 is to look at last year’s best iPad Black Friday deals. Here’s what we saw…

in the uk? Visit last year’s deals.

Black Friday iPad deals in the US

2020 Apple iPad 10.2-inch – 32GB: $329.99 $279.99 at Best Buy
It’s the best price we’ve ever seen on this year’s standard iPad, and with a $50 discount it was the cheapest we saw last Black Friday. The deal ended very quickly, while Amazon was still offering a sale price of $299.

2020 Apple iPad 10.2-inch – 128GB: $429 $359.99 at Best Buy
Need more storage from your iPad? You can get the top storage 128GB iPad 10.2-inch from Best Buy for $70. That’s a significant discount, and was the best price we’ve ever seen for a great iPad.

2020 iPad Air – 64GB: $599 $569.99 on Amazon
Stock moved quickly on these discounts on the iPad Air 4, which was especially early because it was a new release at the time. This was an excellent discount on the latest iPad to hit the market—if you can grab it in time—but we’ve since seen it drop to $559.

2019 iPad Air – 256GB: $649.99 $549.99 at Best Buy
The previous generation iPad Air was getting some discounts at Best Buy, too, now that the brand new model is making its way home on Apple’s shelves. This means you can save on a decent 256GB of storage – a lot for more…

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