And… the Apple Store is alive. It doesn’t look like it was a problem with the store, and instead the company pulled its website so it could update for its Black Friday deals.

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Apple often does this around big events, such as its iPhone launch. You can now pick up a variety of Apple gadgets from online stores, and some will come with free gift cards. How much will you get? For iPad Pro 2021, you’ll get $100 or £80.

we UK
iPad (Pro 11 / Pro 12.9) $100 gift card £80 gift card
iPhone (12/12 Mini/SE) $50 gift card £40 gift card
AirPods (2nd/3rd/Pro/Max) $75 gift card £60 gift card
look (SE/3) $50 gift card £40 gift card
Mac (Air / Pro 13 / Mini) $100 gift card £80 gift card
iMac (2020 27-inch) $200 gift card £160 gift card
TV (TV 4K / TV HD) $50 gift card £40 gift card
Beats (Studio 3, Solo 3 and more) $50 gift card £40 gift card
Belongings $50 gift card £40 gift card


The new iPad mini is one of the latest additions to the company’s tablet range, and we particularly liked its small stature. In our review, we praised the iPad mini 2021 for its compact design, the fact that it comes with 64GB (or more) of storage and the fact that it has a powerful chipset.

Since this is a relatively new product, it is quite difficult to find deals for the miniature iPad. In the UK, we’ve seen a £20 discount on the iPad mini for the past few weeks. That price oddly increased for Black Friday, which could mean the stock is running short for it. iPad Mini from Amazon for £463,

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In the US, we are yet to find a singular deal for the iPad mini 2021. This means you have to pay full price for the tablet, which is currently $499 for 64GB version on Amazon, We may see more deals today, but it doesn’t look likely.

The Apple Store is still closed, and we’re not entirely sure why. Nerdshala has asked Apple for comment on why this happened, and we’ll update this live blog when we hear back from the company.

What does this mean for you now? This means you won’t be able to make the most of the company’s gift card offers that get you £80 or $100 off.

It’s only on the latest iPad Pro models, but it’s an offer that will put you extra money to buy accessories or any other Apple gadget. This offer lasts till Cyber ​​Monday, so hopefully you can make use of it later.

Apple Black Friday Shopping Event

Apple Black Friday Shopping Event
free gift card – Apple’s four-day Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday shopping event runs from November 26 to November 29, and gives you the chance to receive a $100/$80 gift card. It’s only valid on the iPad Pro 11-inch and iPad Pro 12.9-inch, and it would be perfect for picking up a few accessories to go with your new tablet.

One of the things you’ll need to do – especially if you can’t / won’t invest in a keyboard cover for your iPad – and this zag protective screen will allow you to make sure that pretty iPad screen doesn’t Gets scratched and broken.

The Zagg InvisibleShield Glass Plus is designed to feel like an iPad screen, and it Only $19.99. till – which is quite impressive, when it was $54.99 not so long ago.

In the UK you can buy it for £20.10 . can get in, laughing again in front of those paying in ££, but it’s only a £10 savings. It’s definitely worth considering when you’re spending hundreds on a top-end tablet.

What if you want to buy an iPad directly from Apple? So what? Well, you’ll have to wait for the moment, because the Apple Store is inexplicably down.

(If it came back with Tim Cook riding in an Apple car, and no explanation, that would be the biggest Flex).

But if you buy iPad Pro 11 or iPad Pro 12.9, You’ll get yourself a $100 / £80 gift card to spend at Apple, which is the most for a pair of AirPods or a fancy case.

Okay – let’s fill you in on another iPad we’re checking out – and it’s one I really recommend if you can afford it.

The iPad Pro 12.9 is a great tablet, with our review showing just how versatile and powerful it can be—it can handle any task you throw at it, and the screen is the new Mini LED (or Liquid Retina XDR, if you’re looking for a new iPad Pro 12.9). you give it). Apple’s fancy name) to look great.

But honestly, it’s great to have a 13-inch screen in your bag – I loved it and so should you. $999 for the 128GB version in the USOf course, it’s not the worst price in the world, considering it was $1,099 to start with.

The same model is £949 in the UK, so you don’t save as much (It started at £999), but it’s still nice to see savings on this top model.

OK, time for another piece of the accessory chat — this time, it’s the Apple Magic Keyboard, which I see as an enigma.

This is truly game-changing on the iPad Pro or iPad Air—it allows you to make the iPad look like a computer, with a large track pad and very clickable keys. I liked it… but it costs $349.

not any longer! in America, $199 near Best Buy. Is, While it’s still a huge extra amount, it’s little, and if you’re going to invest in the iPad experience, I say it’s worth it.

Look, we want to promote a good relationship between you and me here. You need to trust me that I’m looking for good deals for you — and with that in mind, I have to tell you that I’m currently not on this year’s 10.2-inch model, the iPad for 2021. Looking at any good iPad deal.

I think this year has the potential to really rocket, even if it’s new — but then again, it’s running out of stock with major retailers like Amazon, which signals that maybe not enough to be around. Huh.

If you want it in the US, you can get $329 . 64GB version for, and in the UK You’re looking at £319 for the same device… again, it’s not very good at the ol exchange rate.

If you’re in the UK or US and want to take our (excellent) recommendation for the best iPad deal, you’ll want to invest in an Apple Pencil.

Both of these iPads have high-quality touchscreens, which means adding Apple’s stylus increases their usability dramatically. i still don’t Love Creeping on a piece of glass – I wish it felt more like paper – but there’s no doubt one of these is a real win – especially when the pen is magnetically affixed to the edge of the tablet.

With that in mind, the Apple Pencil 2 (with the aforementioned magnets in it) It costs only $99 on Amazon in the US, And £99 in the UK… again with Amazon, the brand that obviously doesn’t make noise about exchange rates.

Welcome to our iPad Black Friday deals live blog – We’ve found our main page that’s rounding up all the deals, but today there’s going to be so much change in terms of prices that we’re not sure it’s going to catch on. Maybe – so live blogging makes a lot more sense.

We’re definitely going to be looking for the best deals on iPad units, but there’s a world of stands, cases, and pencils to talk about too – stick around and we’ll give you all you need to know.

Let’s start here: The best iPad deals currently in the US is the iPad Air 2020, Which fell to $539. It is done, and in the UK it is iPad Pro 11 (from 2021) which costs just £699 . Is In this year’s Black Friday sale.