Black Friday iPhone deals 2021: our predictions and what to expect

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you will know literally Everything you need to know about this year’s upcoming Black Friday iPhone deals is right here on this page. Predictions, tips, start dates, and yes – the promotions come in November itself.

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And, it’s worth preparing ahead of time. There’s probably no better chance all year long to get a cheap device or upgrade than with Black Friday iPhone deals. We’re just a few weeks away – pretty close in fact – and things are already starting to heat up at most of the big carriers.

In fact, we’re already starting to see some excellent iPhone 13 launch hype on both the latest devices. And old equipment. Verizon and AT&T both continue to offer the free iPhone 13 with a trade-in, and they’ve even changed their 12-series deals to include awesome non-trade promotions. We’ll be diving deeper into Black Friday predictions further in the article, but you’ll also find a quick overview of what’s available now (including these deals) below.


Regardless of whether you jump the gun early or wait until this year’s Black Friday iPhones are a fair deal – buying a new phone is a significant investment. It’s important to get it right, and that’s why we’ve filled this article with helpful no-nonsense expert advice. Make sure you bookmark and check in regularly for updates and deals as they drop. Also worth a look is our main Black Friday deals page, where you’ll find laptops, TVs, gadgets and more.

Today’s best iPhone deals

Apple iPhone 13: Save up to $800 with a trade-in, plus $500 with a Switch at Verizon
Not one, but two great deals are currently available on Verizon on the iPhone 13. First, both new And Existing customers can get up to $800 with a trade-in on an eligible unlimited data plan. Switching over to another career? you will get one Excessive $500 gift card also as welcome bonus. However, the bad news is that the device is currently on backorder till October 22.
Upgrade: Save up to $800 with eligible trade-insView Deals

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Apple iPhone 12 Mini: Free with a new unlimited line on Verizon (no business required)
Looking for a free 5G capable flagship? Check out the iPhone 12 Mini on Verizon. Right now this cool little flagship is going free with a new unlimited plan No Trade-ins are needed. Not only does this make it a super accessible option, but it’s also the first time this carrier has offered a free 5G capable iPhone with any plan. View Deals

Apple iPhone 12: $20 $15/month AT&T . with unlimited plan
AT&T now holds the crown for the best phone deals on the older (but still great) iPhone 12 this week. There’s no trade-in required to get this device with significant discounts on this carrier – just one line on an eligible unlimited data plan. If you haven’t been able to trade in an older device, it’s a very viable (and much cheaper) alternative to just buying an iPhone 13 with a new plan. Note, savings are also available on 12 miniView Deals

As stated before, there are actually a number of great options for checking out Immediately – Just before the big day. These are not Black Friday iPhone deals, but promotions that are mostly left over from the launch of the iPhone 13. If you want to beat the crowd and get yourself a device before November, definitely consider the above options. Not only are Verizon’s current options on the iPhone 13 and 12 mini absolutely fantastic, but AT&T’s current deal on the iPhone 12 is the cheapest yet from the carrier.

We don’t expect these to be massively surpassed on Black Friday (see our predictions below) but it’s hard to say for sure. Want to see what else is available? Check out our weekly roundup of the best iPhone deals.

Black Friday iPhone Deals: Frequently Asked Questions

When will the Black Friday iPhone deals start?

descends on black friday 26 November this year, although it is Excessive Chances are we’ll see iPhone deals well before that date — even as late as October.

From our own personal experience covering previous Black Friday iPhone deals, most carriers update their store pages with offers at the beginning of the Thanksgiving week. That said, don’t rule out some early bird promotions. Or Last minute flash sale.

Our advice? Keep an eye out from early November just to be safe.

Will there be a Black Friday iPhone 13 deal?

Yes absolutely. The real question here is how good this year’s Black Friday iPhone deals will be. And, would they be better than outstanding iphone 13 deals We have already seen since the launch of these devices.

For reference, we’ve already seen that Verizon and AT&T both offer these devices for free with a trade-in – and that is Both New and existing customers. While both of these offers still qualify with pricey unlimited data plans, these initial offers for this year’s Black Friday iPhone 13 deals will be hard to beat, that’s for sure.

However, we should not rule out any surprises. It could be that we’re getting a few more freebies thrown in to sweeten the deal (think free accessories), or maybe even a return to Verizon’s ‘buy-one get-one free’ promotion — a deal that kicked off last year. Was common but hasn’t seen much action lately.

How much will the iPhone 12 cost on Black Friday?

The standard iPhone 12 is now $699 (was $799) thanks to the recent launch of the iPhone 13. Since Apple traditionally isn’t likely to offer any more discounts (or any price cuts, for that matter), we’re 99% sure. The handset will have an upfront price on Black Friday.

The iPhone 12 Mini is now even cheaper at $599, and, if you Really To save some cash, the iPhone 11 is now $499. The bad news is that both the 12 Pro and 12 Pro Max are now discontinued at Apple, so if you’re looking for a premium unlocked device you’ll need to go for the more recent 13 and 13 Pro.

Black Friday iPhone Deals: Our Top 3 Tips

Trading in an older device is the single biggest way to secure a price cut on the new iPhone

1. Research, Research, Research

Researching devices and carrier plans ahead of time can help you save precious time on Black Friday.

If you’re already considering your options, our guide to the best iPhones and best cell phone plans is a great place to start. Most Black Friday iPhone deals will be tied to the big carrier unlimited data plans, so definitely do the math before jumping in and committing — these plans can cost you anywhere from $1,500 to $2,500 over two years.

2. Be ready to trade or switch

The biggest and worst Black Friday iPhone deals will always be from the big carriers, but regardless of what you’re looking for—the single biggest way is to secure a price cut on the new iPhone. This, plus the huge bonus for switching carriers, should be in your sights on Black Friday if you’re looking for the biggest device savings. While mutually exclusive, combining these two methods together often results in the biggest savings and is often a free tool.

3. Consider Early Deals

You’ll often see tempting Black Friday iPhone deals dropping before the big day that are well worth considering. It’s hard to predict what will happen on Black Friday itself, but the iPhone 13 series in particular has been on backorder at Verizon recently. It may be a wise policy to order sooner rather than later if that’s your carrier of choice. We don’t expect any devices to sell out, but delivery dates could be affected.

Black Friday iPhone Deals: Our Predictions

Black Friday iPhone 13 Deals
It’s going to be really hard for the big carriers (and Apple) to top their excellent launch deals on the iPhone 13 series. Nearly every device in the range we’ve seen is offered for free on both AT&T and Verizon with a worthy trade-in and unlimited plan — and that’s for both newbies. And existing customer. We expect these promotions to continue as the bulk of the carrier’s iPhone 13 Black Friday deals this year, potentially with a few changes here and there. It’s likely that carriers will try and throw in free gifts to sweeten the deal, or in Verizon’s case, potentially offer a ‘buy-one get-one-free’ promotion — a common deal from carriers.

Black Friday iPhone 12 Deals
The real wildcard for this year’s iPhone Black Friday deals is the iPhone 12 series. After some slowing down the iPhone 13’s launch period, carriers are now starting to offer some really interesting options on these older (but still great) devices. The iPhone 12 Mini is free at Verizon right now with a new unlimited plan that requires no trade-ins. This is the first time we’ve seen a free 5G iPhone at any carrier, and AT&T is also currently offering the standard device for just $15 per month. Our biggest wish for Black Friday? There will be a free iPhone 12 with unlimited plan Great.

old iphones
The venerable old iPhone 11 and SE have both been free on various carriers for quite some time, so we don’t expect much fireworks from these devices on the big networks. The iPhone 11, however, is a lot cheaper now at Apple thanks to the latest release and we’ve seen some wildcard Black Friday iPhone deals on older devices in the past — take last year’s $1/mo iPhone XS on AT&T. We’ll point to any particularly good deals on older devices in this article, but we’re generally hoping for the best deals on new iPhones this Black Friday.

Which is the best iPhone right now?

  • best of the best: iphone 13 pro
  • Best for most users: iphone 13
  • Best on a Budget: iPhone 11, iPhone 12 Mini

The iPhone 13 Max is the current king of Apple devices – it’s the biggest, most feature-filled, and it’s the one that will make all your friends jealous. Although it has the same A15 Bionic chip as other iPhone 13 models, it’s a good idea to downgrade a bit to the Pro model or the standard iPhone 13 if you don’t think you’ll be using up that extra screen real estate or beefier cameras.

Because of this, we would recommend the standard iPhone 13…

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