Black Friday Kindle deals 2021: offers to expect

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Although Amazon’s range of e-readers is regularly reduced, some of the most significant price drops are reserved for year-end sales. Stay tuned and we’ll bring you all the best Black Friday Kindle deals available on this page this year. Until then, we’re equipping you with all the information you might need to save the most money at your upcoming sales event.

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While Black Friday doesn’t happen until November 26, it’s very likely that some stores will start slashing prices from the end of October. The Black Friday sale period has now expanded from a few days to several weeks over the years, so there are more opportunities to bargain than ever before.

Amazon traditionally delivers the best prices for its own devices with Prime Day as the main drawing point for sales. Kindle discounts are still usually pretty strong, but you may find that your chosen model was so much cheaper in July than this year’s Black Friday deals.


Still, there are many great opportunities to find yourself Black Friday Kindle deals. As one of the most popular and best e-readers available, Amazon and several other major retailers are guaranteed to ditch various Kindle models during November—especially when it comes to that book lover in your life. have a nice gift Here’s what you need to know before selling.

When will the best Black Friday Kindle deals start in 2021?

In years past, Amazon starts its Black Friday sale just a week before the big day. While we usually look at the best Black Friday Kindle deals live, other retailers have prices around the same time.

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You might not want to buy a Kindle immediately after that, though, as we often see Amazon Lightning deals during Thanksgiving week that can drive the price down even more for a limited time. There are also some short-term bundles featuring free cases or Kindle Unlimited free trials, so definitely keep an eye on these as Black Friday draws to a close.

Where are the best places to find Black Friday Kindle deals?

Although Amazon leads the way with the best Black Friday Kindle deals, other retailers are usually quick to match the least available offers. You usually want to try Amazon first and then go elsewhere to see if anything has sold out or to see if other stores have additional incentives of their own.

top american retailer
: Buy direct for the best prices and exclusive bundles
best Buy: Price matches the option to pick up in-store from Amazon
Staples: Regular discounts and tons of accessories

UK top retailers
heroine: Buy direct and get the best prices and unique offers
Argos: Price-Match with Click & Collect Available on Amazon Regularly

Currys: Available with competitive price-matching free delivery
John LewisPrice-matches Amazon regularly with excellent warranties:
very: Free Delivery Available with Click & Collect Orders

What Black Friday Kindle Deals Will Be Available in 2021?

You can be sure the Kindle will be heavily featured once again in this year’s round of Black Friday deals. Expect to see every model—that standard Kindle, Paperwhite, and Oasis—get huge discounts. Prices should drop to roughly the same level as they did on Prime Day, but they might not match them exactly.

Naturally, this would make the standard Kindle the cheapest. You should be able to get the basic entry-level model for around $60/£50 for Black Friday. A great price if you’re looking for a budget e-reader. You might also want to consider the Kindle Kids Edition for young bookworms at a similar price.

Next up, the Kindle Paperwhite. Based on past sales and this year’s Prime Day pricing, the mid-range model should drop somewhere in the region of $90/£85.

Lastly, the more advanced Kindle Oasis can be had for as little as $180/£170. Of the three, it is most likely to retain the premium price, but we still expect it to get a decent reduction as compared to the normal MSRP.

Which Kindle should I buy on Black Friday?

The best Kindle to buy really depends on your budget and needs.

For occasional readers who prefer to leave paperbacks in the past and want to spend the least amount of money while getting a capable device, the original Amazon Kindle is the way to go. It has a 6-inch screen, backlight, a battery that will last for weeks, and enough storage for thousands of books. work done.

You’ll definitely want to consider the Paperwhite if you’re an avid reader who reads a lot on the go. It comes with a higher resolution 6-inch screen, more natural text display, powerful backlight and a battery that will last for several weeks. It’s also waterproof so there’s extra peace of mind if you like to read in the bath or on the beach.

It covers just the basics, but if you want a more in-depth comparison, we’ve put them on toe in our Kindle versus Paperwhite guide.

You can also look to the Kindle Oasis for more advanced features such as a 7-inch display with customizable warm lighting and clever touch design to support a more ergonomic reading experience.

Another thing to consider is whether you would like to borrow books from your local library. This feature isn’t available on Kindle models, so the Kobo may be a more suitable option if that’s important to you and you won’t be listening to audiobooks.

Will Kindle Black Friday deals be better than Prime Day?

Unfortunately, the answer to that question is that Black Friday Kindle deals won’t be as good as the ones we saw during Prime Day.

For Amazon, it makes more sense for them to feature the best deals on their own devices during their own sales event because it will attract more Prime membership sign ups. That’s not to say that we certainly won’t see the price drop as much as it did on the Kindle for Black Friday, it’s far from guaranteed.

Price history supports that speculation as well. Looking at sales figures from recent years, the Kindle Paperwhite has been reduced to $80 / £80 for the first Prime Day. Compare this to the $85/£85 Black Friday price and the summer sale is just ahead.

Sure, the difference isn’t exactly huge in the grand scheme of things, but it just goes to show that you shouldn’t expect an exact repeat of Prime Day Kindle deals for Black Friday this year.

Today’s best Kindle deals

If you need to get your nose up on a book right now, the good news is we’ve been tracking Kindle deals throughout the year. These are the best prices you can find in Amazon’s eReader range right now.

Last Year’s Best Black Friday Kindle Deals

The standard Kindle was discounted in both the US and UK during last year’s Black Friday sale. However, the biggest price cuts can be found on the Kindle Oasis, which was also bundled with the Kindle Unlimited subscription.

US: The best Black Friday Kindle deals last year

To light up: $89.99 $59.99 on Amazon
The 2019 Amazon Kindle is on sale on Amazon for $59.99. This is the lowest price we found for a 6-inch e-reader that has a built-in adjustable front light so you can enjoy reading your favorite books indoors and out.

UK: The best Black Friday Kindle deals last year

Amazon Kindle + 3 Months Kindle Unlimited: £69.99 £49.99 on Amazon
The backlit Amazon Kindle is once again down to its lowest price ever. We’ve seen this price drop several times before, but it’s the best price we’ve seen for the cheapest e-reader. Plus, this week you can get three months of Kindle Unlimited for free at the same time. This is excellent value for £49.99.

Amazon Kindle Kids Edition: £99.99 £59.99 on Amazon
The Kindle Kids Edition is £10 more expensive than the standard model right now, but it usually sits at a £30 premium. That’s because you’re getting one-year access to Amazon Kids+, a massive library of books, a kid-proof case, and a two-year worry-free guarantee here. Plus you are getting extra features like vocabulary builder here.

Kindle Oasis, 8GB Wi-Fi | 3 months Kindle Unlimited: £229.99 £169.99 on Amazon
Save £60 on the latest Kindle Oasis, with its 300ppi 7-inch display, adjustable warm backlight and IPX8 waterproofing, so you can read on the beach. It’s perfect for longer reading sessions, and you’re also getting three months of Kindle Unlimited reading service for free. 8GB might not be enough for everyone though, so check out the deal below.

Kindle Oasis – 32GB Wi-Fi | 3 months Kindle Unlimited: £259.99 £199.99 on Amazon
You’ll want to quadruple your storage on the Kindle Oasis compared to the eider you see above. If you want 32GB of space, you can get this version which is designed to be filled with audio books for £60 less than a normal day.

Kindle Oasis – 32GB Wi-Fi + 4G | 3 months Kindle Unlimited: £319.99 £259.99 on Amazon
This Kindle Oasis comes with a full 32GB of storage, and it sports 4G connectivity as well to allow you to download eBooks when you’re away from a Wi-Fi connection. It’s perfect when you’ve finished that latest great book on vacation and you desperately need that next lesson fix.

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