Black Friday LG TV deals 2021: what to expect this month

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Black Friday LG TV deals are coming thick and fast. They not only give you (affordable) access to one of the most coveted brands, but also let you enhance your current-gen setup. LG models are among some of the best gaming TVs currently available. If you’ve just got a PS5 or Xbox Series X after a long wait, these crisp, color screens will be the perfect way to make your game really pop in Forza Horizon 5 and beyond.

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But you have to be patient and choose your moments. As you’ll see below, you can save hundreds with these Black Friday LG TV deals, but the discounts don’t always last. That’s why we’ll help guide and direct you to the best current deals, plus what to expect a little further down the line.

Last year’s been a good guide either way: the best Black Friday LG TV deals saw the LG CX OLED model – which, by the way, happens to be one of the best OLED TVs available right now – saw some significant price drops. This year has already seen some big savings on the A1 model and the Nanocell series, but you can expect discounts on the LG UP80 and elsewhere as well.


In fact, we’re already seeing some excellent Black Friday LG TV deals courtesy of walmart and Best Buy sales. Ahead of the main event, both of these retailers are cutting prices and giving you the good fortune of saving hundreds of dollars. Best Buy is also offering its members a price guarantee. In the UK, keep an eye out for the retailers listed below; Curry and John Lewis should be your destinations for the next week or two.

ready? Scroll down for the best Black Friday LG TV deals currently available, what to expect this year, and why it pays to pull the trigger if you see the price you like right now.

Where are the best Black Friday LG TV deals?

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We’ll round up all the best Black Friday LG TV deals right here, but if you’re out there yourself, we recommend starting your search with the following retailers. These are the stores we trust for LG TV deals, so they’re worth a look in 2021.


Amazon: Stock some cheap models but mostly premium displays

best Buy: Regular savings on the latest OLED and 4K displays

B&H Photo: Low prices on budget and refurbished displays

Newegg: Best for older models with a low price tag

Walmart: Great value on 4K models with in-store pickup


Amazon: Often have the best prices and fast delivery

very: Wide selection with regular discounts

Curry: Regular discounts and additional promo codes

Argos: Varied selection, sometimes with same day delivery

John Lewis: Regular savings and excellent warranty

Tool Direct: Best for old and new models

PRC Direct: Best for premium displays at great prices

When will the Black Friday LG TV deals start?

Black Friday starts on November 26 this year, but some of the deals have already started. In fact, both Best Buy and Walmart have now started official early sales. Black Friday LG TV deals will usually start with the rest of the offers, but the most sensational price drops will be reserved for the Thanksgiving week and big day only.

Early Black Friday LG TV deals available now

best buy and walmart Both have rolled out early discounts over the past few weeks, which means there are already plenty of early Black Friday LG TV deals out there. heroine Also offering some Black Friday level prices at this time that are worth a look. However, we’d recommend checking out Best Buy’s sales first. My Best Buy members can rest assured that they won’t be turned down here for a price.

Some items have a Black Friday price guarantee, which means the retailer will refund you the difference if the cost of your display drops even further during the official sale. That means it’s worth getting ahead of the crowd here, picking up some record low prices, and enjoying their newfound performances before the main event.

LG 43-inch UP8000 4K TV | $479.99

LG 43-inch UP8000 4K TV | $479.99 $399.99 at Best Buy
Save $80 – Under $400? this is Dirty value. That’s a return to the record low price at Best Buy, which means this entry-level 43-inch 4K display has never been cheaper. While you may not be getting a Black Friday price guarantee here, those who want to stay ahead of the competition with early savings will be well served here.

LG 70-inch Nanocell 75 Series 4K TV | $1,199

LG 70-inch Nanocell 75 Series 4K TV | $1,199 $1099 at Best Buy
Save $100 – A case study in picking and choosing the right time to save on LG TVs. It was over $400 just a few weeks ago and is now back over $1000. Hold on to your heart and you can get it for around $800 on Black Friday.

LG 55-inch G1 OLED TV | $1,999.99

LG 55-inch G1 OLED TV | $1,999.99 $1,699.99 at Best Buy
Save $300 – That’s a record low price on the 55-inch LG G1 OLED, which makes Best Buy’s Black Friday price guarantee even more appealing. If this cost drops even further during the main sale, My Best Buy members will receive a refund of the difference.

LG 48-inch A1 Series OLED TV | $1199.99

LG 48-inch A1 Series OLED TV | $1199.99 $899.99 at Best Buy
Save $300 – LG’s 2021 OLED model is a steal at under $900 (seriously, go and check elsewhere) and offers one of the cheapest ways OLED is on the market. It comes with all the bells and whistles, including Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos, making it a great choice for gaming or as part of a souped-up entertainment system.

Black Friday LG TV Deals: What to Expect

LG makes some great TVs for the PS5 and Xbox Series X, but you don’t need to spend big to get some of the latest technology behind the panels. In fact, we’ve seen Black Friday LG TV deals for as little as $200 in the past. These types of prices may be reserved for older displays, or smaller FHD panels this year, however, we’re expecting some excellent discounts in the $400-$1,000 price bracket.

Black Friday LG TV deals will also add to some of the best Black Friday OLED TV deals, with premium panels potentially getting the biggest price cuts of the year.

LG’s current TV lineup includes the LG UP80 UHD 4K model, the LG NanoCell 80 Series, the OLED A1 and the OLED C1. These are the models we expect to be the most popular in the 2021 Black Friday LG TV deals, so whether you’re looking to spend $300 or $3,000, it looks like there’s going to be a lot more on the shelves.

Starting with the cheapest model, the LG UP80 series, we’re expecting prices to drop to $349-$399 for the entry-level 43-inch display. It’s LG’s ‘everyday’ display, designed for the vast majority of consumers, so it’s already priced relatively low. Given that we haven’t seen much deviation from the $399 MSRP over the past few months, chances are there isn’t much room in that pricing. However, this may change as you increase the size options.

For example, the 65-inch model has been stuck at its $799 MSRP for some time, but has dropped to $749 in the past. We expect some additional cash discounts to arrive in November especially considering the competition this big screen is facing. That means we’re looking for a price here of $699 during the flash sale, potentially rising to $749 if the stock runs out.

If you’re after the 50-inch model, we’re expecting the $499 price tag we’ve been seeing over the past few months to add up to an additional $50 off. It’s a similar story for the 55-inch version as well. While this size is a little harder to find on shelves, we should see it popping up in Black Friday LG TV deals for about $499 — if it’s following the same $50 discount as above.

The LG NanoCell 80 Series enhances your picture quality and color response but comes at the same price, except for some of the cheaper sizes. The 50-inch model is set at $699.99 for most of the year, only dropping a few dollars around. We may be here for the first significant discount of 2021, though, so we’d only expect it to drop to $649.99, or $599.99 if we’re really lucky.

The LG OLED A1 is the brand’s new entry-level model and a lot to look for in this year’s Black Friday LG TV deals. The a7 Gen 4 AI processor and Dolby Vision/Atmos support are going to be a major draw here, but if you’re after Black Friday gaming TV deals, it’s worth noting that this OLED model doesn’t feature HDMI 2.1. We’ve been looking at some excellent prices here over the past few months, with the $1,599.99 MSRP in August given the $1,299 sale price, and the last few weeks sitting at $1,196. We expect this model to be available in November for between $1,099 and $1,199, and if the C1 makes a significant price cut, we could see some sub-$1,000 prices here as well.

The LG C1 OLED is one of the best on the market and it has the price to prove it. However, you won’t get very far in that $1,000 price point in November. The 55-inch model has regularly been on sale for a record low of $1,496.99 (MSRP $1,799) over the past few months, which means we can comfortably expect a $1,399 price tag during holiday sales.

black friday lg tv price predictions

  • LG OLED C1: MSRP – $1,799 | Expected Price – $1,399
  • LG OLED A1: MSRP – $1,599 | Expected Price – $1,099-$1,199
  • LG Nanocell 80 Series: MSRP – $699 | Expected Price – $649
  • LG UP80 Series: MSRP – $399-$799 | $349-$699

Today’s best deal

If you can’t wait long enough for the Black Friday LG TV deals to land, it’s worth noting that we expect to see discounts on shelves from now all the way to the big day. That means early shoppers can still jump in some great prices, and you’ll find all the biggest discounts from across the web below.

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