Black Friday made my favorite air fryer so cheap that I had to buy a second one

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If There’s One Kitchen Gadget I Can’t Live Without Now It’s Mine air Fryer, We’ve been using them for a few years now and have always loved it more than the Instant Pot for the food we love to cook. The problem with using air fryers on a daily basis is that you quickly learn their flaws and some of them may not stand the test of time. I’ve spent a lot of time looking up air fryer recommendations, but the one we tried isn’t the one we see on many best air fryer lists, but it’s been our favorite to date.

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A few years ago I picked up the Bella 8-quart air fryer from Best Buy when it was on sale and now you can $50 only. get a score in —which is less than what I paid for — making it an absolute no-brainer, considering it usually sells for over $100. It’s definitely one of Best Black Friday Air Fryer Deals,

We are a family of four, which means we need to cook a decent amount of food for a meal to feed everyone and no one has the patience to wait to cook in batches. This Bella air fryer has an 8-quart capacity, which is big enough for a bunch of chicken strips, a whole turkey breast, french fries or broccoli, and lots of other items. We haven’t even tried cooking anything inside it that doesn’t fit – including the little frozen pizza, which is awesome.


It has a preheat function to preheat it before you start cooking, and there are nine other presets available for cooking things like meat, shrimp, fish, bacon, and other goodies. You can easily set the temperature and time using the front touch panel. One of the features of this model is how easy it is to clean. We haven’t yet had anything that requires extensive scrubbing to remove, and in fact we recently learned a new trick that made it even easier.

When you’re finished cooking, add a squirt of soap, cover the bottom rack with water, and set it at 400 degrees for two to three minutes. All the tough dirt gets cooked up and then you can wash it off and you’re ready to put it away.

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Air fryers can honestly be a little ugly. Some of them look futuristic, some of them overly colourful, but this model looks like a proper kitchen appliance with its stainless steel and black exterior.

We already have one of these and a small air fryer that we got as a gift, but this Black Friday sale is enough to push me over the edge to keep another of these around instead of a smaller one. I have also recommended it to my parents and friends who have bought it and are already loving it. If you’re in the market for an air fryer and want something that looks good and works really well, this Black Friday is an option to consider.

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