Black Friday Nespresso deals 2021: what to expect in November

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Convenience coffee lovers look forward to Black Friday with Nespresso deals every year hoping to hit record low prices on some. best coffee maker Available. Last year black friday deals Some weren’t able to offer the level of discounts they’ve become accustomed to in the past few sales (demand spurred by the global pandemic meant prices were higher than ever during the year). However, by 2021 Black Friday Coffee Maker Deals Some more attractive discounts are set to be given in November.

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That doesn’t mean we didn’t see some big savings even during last year’s demand growth. The Latissima Pro took a solid $170 off its original MSRP in last Black Friday Nespresso deals, and we also saw some $50+ discounts on the most popular models in the lineup, Nespresso Vertuo Plus.

Of course, things still haven’t quite settled; Especially when we talk about the number of people working from home. It was this factor in the COVID-19 pandemic that made your hands a . Make cheap coffee maker Last year even harder. With more and more of us settling into the routine of working from home for a long time, the prices for these convenient machines remain a little more stubborn than they used to be.


That said, we expect the 2021 Nespresso Black Friday deals to be top-notch from the year before, which is why we’re rounding up all of our top predictions for this year’s best savings right here. You’ll find all the models we expect this year to have the best discounts on below, but stay tuned because we’ll also bring you all the biggest offers when they arrive later.

When will the Black Friday Nespresso deals start?

Black Friday officially starts on November 26th in 2021, though we see these sales launching earlier and earlier every year. The previous sales period, for example, began all the way back in October, as retailers were concerned with shipping times and eager to meet growing demand for online retail.

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This year we expect to see Black Friday-level Nespresso deals before that official November date. This means we’d recommend keeping a close eye on prices in the weeks leading up to the big day, but make sure your wallet is close by at the start of the Thanksgiving week.

Where are the best Black Friday Nespresso deals?

We’ll round up all the best Black Friday Nespresso deals right here as they land. However, if you’re going to do deal-hunting on your own, we’d recommend starting with the stores listed below. These are all retailers with a strong reputation for offering high quality discounts during the holiday sale period, so they should be looking into 2021.

Amazon: Regular discounts on key models and special editions
best Buy: Additional pods or accessories are often included during the sale
Bed bath and everything else: Best for super low prices on special editions
aim: Wide range and in-store collection available
Walmart: Often the price coincides with a lot of stock

Often the first to get a discount during a sale
To: Low prices and often include free pods
Argos: Consistent discounts and same day delivery available
Curry: Price matches all other retailers with same day pickup
John Lewis: Low discount but free pods and great warranty
very: Sometimes the lowest price is

Black Friday Nespresso Deals: What to Expect

We’re expecting big things from the 2021 Black Friday Nespresso deals. While last year’s offers weren’t much lower than some of the record low prices in the past, we’re expecting some of the best Nespresso machines to return to some of their cheapest positions yet. Not only that, but some of the new models, like the Vertuo Next, will be heading towards their first real sales period (not counting last year when these prices barely jumped), so we should be seeing some excellent savings on the latest releases as well. needed.

The most popular model is the Nespresso Vertuo Plus. Priced at $179.99 / £199, this is the go-to for many people looking for a luxury experience that doesn’t break the bank, like some Latissima releases. Last year, the device dropped to $125/£100, which was a bit disappointing considering previous Black Friday Nespresso deals had kept those prices at $100/£79. So far this year, things are already looking up. In the US, the Vertuo Plus has already dropped to $110 in May 2021, and UK buyers saw a new record low in August at £79.

We expect to see this year’s offerings return the excellent $100 sale price and, shouldn’t the continued demand for at-home coffee makers become huge, we may even see a return to the record low $89 cost. In the UK, we’re expecting the £69 price tag to be back on shelves in November, especially considering that this model has regularly been on sale for under £100 over the past few months.

If you’re looking for something a little more premium, however, the Nespresso Latissima Pro may be a better choice. This model is a bit out of date, with the first release launching in 2015 for $599 / £599. These days, you’ll find it on shelves for around $500 / £320, but it hasn’t dropped much from that price over the past year.

Black Friday Nespresso deals put this model last year at $430 (there was no discount in the UK), significantly more expensive than last year’s $350 / £279. In fact, the lowest price we’ve ever seen on this model is $279.99 / £199 (back in 2019). However, we will not wait for the return of that cost. This model has seen very few price drops over the past few months, which means we are expecting a slightly more conservative price of $300-$350 / £250 in 2021.

The Ultimate Nespresso Machine You Should Be Seeing This Black Friday Is Nespresso Vertuo Next. It’s a new release (coming on shelves last year), but didn’t take any discount during the last holiday sale period. that’s understandable; The affordable $159 / £149 machine was under great pressure during the pandemic and was in high demand.

This means that the 2021 Black Friday Nespresso deals could offer some of the first huge discounts on this model. Now that it’s a year old on shelves, we could see it drop below $100/£100 – especially if the Vertuo Plus starts breaching its price bracket at less than $100.

Today’s best deal

If you can’t wait long enough to get your fix in November, it’s worth noting that prices are going to drop over the next few weeks. We’re still seeing some early discounts hitting shelves, though these are likely to improve by the end of the year. You’ll find all the latest prices on some of the top Nespresso devices below.

If you’re after more kitchen gadgets this November, we’re also rounding up everything you can expect to see in 2021 Black Friday KitchenAid Deals And black friday air fryer deals. Or, check out the competition with our predictions for the best black friday keurig deals.

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