Black Friday Nintendo Switch deals 2021: everything we expect this year

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For the first time since launch, this may be the year we got some of the best Black Friday Nintendo Switch deals we’ve ever seen. Why is it like this? Well, it all has to do with the upcoming Switch OLED. The upgraded console has prompted Nintendo to cut the original Switch in the UK and Europe with a permanent £20/€20 price cut. It’s small, but could still dramatically affect the offers we see in Black Friday 2021.

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Stock levels this November should also be in a much stronger position than they were last year. After months of low inventory levels following a surge in demand, we’re optimistic there will be plenty of Black Friday Nintendo Switch deals this year — and we’re showing you everything you can expect right here.

Many of the Black Friday deals are expected to start about a week before the big day — that is, November 26, for those who like to keep their calendars in order. However, last year Amazon Prime Day got into the works. Amazon’s late October date for its sales event meant that with November savings season essentially starting far ahead of schedule, we had almost two months of offers.


When it came to the Nintendo Switch, however, retailers were gearing up for the main event. The console was largely out of stock as the pandemic pushed demand through the roof, with both the US and UK struggling to gain a foothold in supply. That means we didn’t see a lot of discounts last year.

In 2021, with consoles continuing to grow in popularity and OLED releases in October, it’s unlikely we’ll see Black Friday Nintendo Switch deals leaking out long before the date.

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However, what may change this year is the quality of discounts that are available on that day. The Nintendo Switch has been one of the most popular devices during the holiday shopping season over the past few years, and we may start to see some of those excellent deals even cheaper when we reach the age of four in 2021. Especially now in the UK starting price is £259.99.

The Nintendo Switch Lite is a sure bet in this regard. Most of the discounts last year were only hitting the handheld model, possibly due to the fact that it was available for far more than its full-fat sibling. Stocks on the cheaper models have remained steady, and with regular discounts and bundles throughout the year so far – which means we’re expecting big things from the smaller device this year, especially considering it approaches its second birthday. Used to be.

You’ll want to bookmark this page for when Black Friday Nintendo Switch deals roll in. We’ll also be keeping an eye on all the best Cyber ​​Monday Nintendo Switch sales coming up in November.

If you can’t wait that long, you’ll find all the latest Nintendo Switch deals and Nintendo Switch Lite bundles right below.

Will 2021 be a Black Friday Nintendo Switch deal?

This may sound like an odd question, but last year we were really wondering if there would be any Black Friday Nintendo Switch deals available at all. Prior to the event supply of stock was running particularly low and demand had increased to the point where retailers were rarely offering bundles.

However, we were pleasantly surprised when those offers started rolling in. If Black Friday last year can offer Nintendo Switch deals, we can easily assume we’ll see more discounts in 2021.

And don’t discount the impact of Nintendo Switch OLEDs on sale this year. The upcoming release of the improved console has already encouraged Nintendo to drop the price of the original Switch in the UK permanently. Now that it starts at £259.99, expect to see the console even lower – especially if Nintendo intends to clear the remaining stock and keep the OLED version as the main console.

Unfortunately, that may not apply in the US, where Nintendo hasn’t made any announcements about the original Switch console’s price cut. However, we will stay on top of any news about this, and will let you know as soon as we hear anything.

What Black Friday Nintendo Switch deals can you expect in 2021?

Last year’s Black Friday Nintendo Switch deals still managed to deliver some excellent discounts despite stock shortages and increased demand due to the pandemic. In 2021, we are anticipating a more stable supply of consoles and bigger discounts due to the Switch OLED launch. It is expected that overall there will be far more discounted bundles.

Given that Nintendo has slashed the price of the Switch in the UK to £259.99, there must be some Black Friday Nintendo Switch deals featuring at least one game at this price. We’ve seen bundles containing free copies of Minecraft, Skyward Sword HD and Mario Kart 8 over the past 12 months. These are the ones we’re hoping they repeat on Black Friday.

It’s not unreasonable to assume that the advent of Switch OLED and more stock in general will offer these base price bundles. That means more free games and gear — and also far less competition for what Blockbuster offers. Hopefully some of the bundles will be bulked out by accessories, though these can be good value depending on what you get.

Straight price cuts, on the other hand, appear to be rare on full Nintendo Switch consoles. With the recent price cuts in the UK and the insistence on discounting consoles in the US, we wouldn’t expect ourselves to save big bucks on the consoles in the 2021 Black Friday Nintendo Switch deals.

However, we see far greater discounts on the Nintendo Switch Lite. You might see a discount of at least $10 / £10 this year if you only want to play in handheld mode. We’d also like to see the popular Animal Crossing Switch Lite bundle go for even less this year, from under £200 in the UK.

How to find the best Black Friday Nintendo Switch deals

The best Black Friday Nintendo Switch deals will sell out fast. These are incredibly popular consoles and that demand showed no signs of slowing down last year. There’s nothing to suggest that will change in 2021, especially if the offers may be the best we’ve ever seen. This means that these are going to be some of the most sought after offers coming in November. You’ll need to be armed with a plan to find the best Black Friday Nintendo Switch deals before anyone else does.

Come November, we turn our attention to tracking all the best Black Friday deals, so we’re bringing you all the latest offers right here. Then, bookmark this page to be the first to hear about them when the sale starts.

If you’re flying alone, there are a few tricks to snag a Black Friday Nintendo Switch deal.

The first is to know what you’re looking for, but be both realistic and flexible. Need to dive straight into The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild from day one? We rarely see bundles offering such major titles with full consoles for very little discounts. However, you can save some significant cash on games when you score Black Friday Nintendo Switch deals.

If you have a backup list of ideal Switch bundles, you’ll likely have more luck in the shopping frenzy. For example, last year’s offering could send you home with Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, Nintendo Switch Online, and a full console for just $299. Missing out on that great offer because you stayed for a more expensive game could result in less overall savings.

Usually, the best Black Friday Nintendo Switch deals will be easy to spot. Check out the first-party title, additional accessories and console at normally $299 / £259 retail price. We’d recommend grabbing any offers that look like this one, as they don’t come up very often, are rarely back in stock, and will fly off shelves. Plus, Nintendo Switch game deals happen far more frequently during the sale period, so you’ll be able to save on the title of your choice after the checkout race is over.

But how do you actually find those extraordinary offers? Good knowledge of retailers is a must. From last year’s findings, we know Best Buy and Amazon are the places to be in the US — even though the stock can sometimes move too fast. They had the best Black Friday Nintendo Switch deals of the bunch last year, and if you’re fast you’ll quickly find an excellent offer.

If you’re not fast enough, be sure to check in with Walmart and GameStop. These two retailers were offering bundles after Best Buy and Amazon got the stock home. However, the prices here may not be as surprising as those blockbuster offers.

If you’re in the UK, it’s worth remembering that Curry and Amazon won the Switch war last November. Excellent bundle offerings on both the Switch and Switch Lite, with some only running over the weekend. While Amazon was offering some discounts on the Nintendo Switch Lite, however, we’d recommend keeping a close eye on even smaller sites like Game Collections and 365 Games for straight price cuts.

Should you buy the Nintendo Switch on Black Friday?

Black Friday Nintendo Switch deals are definitely strong, but we’ve found offers running throughout the year that can match them. In general, prices can drop a bit in November, but only on some exceptional deals — and they can fly off shelves especially quickly.

We see some deals in November bringing games and accessories to the console’s recommended price, and it’s true that this is rare during the year. However, year-round bundle prices can only be $10 – $30 / £10 – £30 more (when stocks allow), so there’s no reason to wait if you find a deal – as long as you don’t. Staying close to that normal retail price.

If you want the lowest possible price, though, it’s worth a look at the end of the year.

When will Black Friday be Nintendo…

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