Black Friday phone deals 2021: what to expect in this year’s sales

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Black Friday phone deals are always a great option for those who want to get themselves huge discounts on multiple flagship handsets. Whether you’re looking ahead to November for a price cut on Apple or Android devices, it certainly pays to be prepared. That’s why we put together this handy guide to the upcoming Black Friday phone deals to share with you everything we know so far and what to expect.

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Since we’ve been covering Black Friday phone deals for a few years now, we’ve got a pretty clear idea of ​​what should come down the line. Expect huge discounts on unlocked devices, big trade-in discounts from top carriers, and maybe even a newly released iPhone flagship…

Of course, it’s still early days, but you’ll find a detailed Black Friday phone deals FAQ section at the top of the page for what we know so far. Plus below you can also see a selection of the best Black Friday phone deals from last year that we’ve put together for comparison and in case you’re interested.


Black Friday is falling this year 26 November, but you can expect a slew of Black Friday deals to drop before that date. Retailers love early sales, phone carriers included, so definitely expect to see discounts by the end of October. We’ll be updating this page regularly throughout the year, including drop deals, so feel free to bookmark and check back at a later date.

Black Friday Phone Deals: Frequently Asked Questions

When will the Black Friday phone deals start?

falls on black friday 26 November This year but we expect the phone deals to start before that date. It has been an increasingly prevalent trend over the past few events for retailers to offer promotions as early as the end of October in some cases. Things especially heat up from Thanksgiving week — when Verizon launched an early Black Friday flash sale in 2020, for example.

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As a general rule, we recommend keeping your eyes peeled from early November if you’re looking for that next upgrade. As always, we’ll be updating this page with all the best Black Friday phone deals, so don’t hesitate to bookmark and visit again.

Is Black Friday a good time to buy a phone?

Yes, it’s a great time to buy a device—both carrier and unlocked, in fact. This is usually when most people’s contracts expire, so the big carriers tend to offer bigger trade-in options and new plan tie-ins to entice people to renew their contracts. Unlocked devices, especially those on Samsung Android flagships, are sold during Black Friday at the lowest prices all year.

Black Friday Phone Deals: What to Expect

Even though the big day is far from over at the moment, and there are certainly many new devices being launched between now and November, we have an idea of ​​what to expect from the line, thanks to last year’s offerings.

In general, cell phone deals in the US are generally divided into two categories – promotions from the major carriers and cut sales on unlocked devices. With Black Friday phone deals we’re sure to see both types for Android devices, but most carriers have deals exclusively for iPhones because Apple is generally the only vendor that sells newly unlocked iPhones.

From the carriers, we’re expecting that most Black Friday phone deals mostly revolve around trade-in options, potentially even buy-one-free promos and switching discounts. When it comes to getting a free flagship device, carrier deals are the way to go, however, keep in mind that almost all carrier promotions are tied to post-paid cell phone plans. In short, also be prepared to upgrade your plan if you want to save your device on a major carrier.

For unlocked Black Friday phone deals, we typically see price cuts ranging from $200 to $300, depending on how new the device is. Last year we saw the lowest prices yet (at the time) on the brand new Galaxy S20 series and even the Google Pixel 5 – so chances are we’ll see something similar with the Galaxy S21 this year.

How to Find the Best Black Friday Phone Deals

First of all we would recommend that you visit the big carrier sites and bookmark the relevant pages that these companies will use for deals throughout the year. Verizon, AT&T, and T-Mobile all have deal-specific sections on their sites that they’ll use for big sale events — Black Friday included. After that, there’s no harm in bookmarking those pages ahead of time and checking in throughout the year to see what’s available.

Alternatively, you can simply bookmark this page, sign up for our email, or check-in to Nerdshala regularly to see the latest. We will of course review all the newest phones, post news, as well as update our pages regularly with the latest information so you don’t miss anything.

  • Looking for iPhones in particular? See Our Black Friday iPhone Deals Page

What were the best Black Friday phone deals of last year?

Last year, as expected, the top Black Friday cell phone deals were mostly on the new (at the time) iPhone 12 series. We especially saw some hefty $700+ trade-in promotions at Verizon and AT&T that were much better than those available at the device’s initial launch. On the Android front, the Samsung Galaxy S20 and Google Pixel 5 were deals to beat at Verizon’s hefty $300 discount, though we also saw some absolutely great unlocked discounts — reaching upwards of $300 on some models.

We’ve put together a series of last year’s top Black Friday phone deals for posterity—both so you can see what we thought of them at the time, and just so you can compare them to this week’s best cell phone deals. can.

Black Friday 2020 Phone Deals: iPhones

Apple iPhone 12: Save $700 with a trade-in and new unlimited line at Verizon
Verizon’s Black Friday flash sale just got us one of the cheapest prices ever on the new iPhone 12 this week. Available now is a really generous $700 trade-in deal that qualifies with a new unlimited line. There’s also a $400 bonus savings available if you’re switching from another carrier. Note – This deal is also available on 12 Mini, 12 Pro and 12 Pro Max.
Total cost: $99 | Monthly cost: $4.16 (24 months)

Apple iPhone 12: AT&T . Trade in with New Line and get up to $700 off
And it wasn’t even Verizon that was the first to offer such a big trade-in deal on the iPhone 12 this month — AT&T has had a similar offer for a while. On paper, this looks like a similar match to the Verizon offering above, though AT&T’s monthly plans are cheaper overall. Note- This deal is also available on 12 Mini, 12 Pro, 12 Pro Max.
Total cost: $99 | Monthly cost: $3.33 (30 months)

Apple iPhone XS: $1/month AT&T . But with a new unlimited plan AT&T’s Black Friday deals have earned a great price on the iPhone XS—an older phone, but one that’s still wildly powerful. Get the old year’s flagship for just $1 a month right now when you pick it up with a new Unlimited line on AT&T – no trade-in required!
Total cost: $30 | Monthly cost: $1 (over 30 months)

iPhone SE 2020, 64GB: $399 Free with a two-year Verizon contract

Pick up the iPhone SE 2020 for essentially free with a two-year contract using this early Black Friday deal. The iPhone SE 2020 with its A13 Bionic chipset – similar to the iPhone 11 series – is fast, powerful, and will be compatible with iOS updates for years to come. One last note: This is for the 64GB version, but the 128GB and 256GB models are still discounted.

Apple iPhone SE 2020: $16.66 Free with Unlimited plan and trade-in at AT&T
Or, how about a free iPhone for Black Friday? If you trade-in and pick up your device with a new unlimited plan, at AT&T you can get the iPhone SE for an effectively free monthly fee. Sure, there are a few hoops to jump through, but it’s a great option if you’re eligible and want to cut your phone bill drastically.

Black Friday 2020 Phone Deals: Android

Samsung Galaxy S20: Save $300 online, plus $550 with Verizon trade-in and new unlimited line
The Galaxy S20 is an amazing phone the way you look at it and this week’s Verizon deals make it even better in our eyes. First, get yourself a cool $300 off in 24 months when you shop online. Trading in? You can still get an extra $550.
Total cost: $149 | Monthly cost: $6.24 (24 months)

Google Pixel 5: Save $300 online at Verizon, plus $550 with trade-in and new unlimited line
The $300 online discount for the Google Pixel 5 is back again in today’s Verizon Black Friday deals! Just shop online with a new unlimited plan to get your discount, and for even more savings—get up to another $550 off that old device.
Total cost: $0 | Monthly cost: $0 (24 months)

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2: $1999 Down to $999 on Samsung

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 Max. get on 50 percent off With a qualified trade-in. The Z Fold 2 is a notable upgrade over the original Z Fold, extending the external display to the edges of the screen and improving hinge durability. The king of foldables has suddenly become more affordable.

Samsung Note 20 Ultra, 128GB: $1,299 $999 at Best Buy
save $300 – Snag the unlocked version of the top-tier Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra for $300 with this early Black Friday deal. The Note 20 Ultra, as its title suggests, is a truly exceptional smartphone with the best specs money can buy, a great camera suite capable of 50x ‘space zoom’ and of course the S Pen stylus. Note – There’s also a $300 off standard Note 20 at Best Buy.

Samsung Galaxy S20, 128GB: $999 $799 on Amazon

Pick up a Samsung Galaxy S20 phone and save $200 with this Black Friday Amazon deal. The Samsung S20 is one of the best phones we’ve reviewed throughout the year, with a great triple rear camera, top specs, a 4,000mAh battery, and a 6.2-inch AMOLED display with 120Hz refresh rate.

Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus, 128GB: $1,199 $842.99 on Amazon
Save $357 –
Receive one of the most popular flagships of the year for $357…

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