Black Friday portable monitor deals 2021: what to expect

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The important Black Friday season is in full swing, which means you’ll be able to find some amazing deals on portable monitors. They keep getting better as Black Friday 2021 approaches – this year it will fall on November 26.

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This time of year is perfect for technological upgrades. The prices are never low and all the major manufacturers have released their latest products in time for the festive season, so you will get a plethora of options.

Portable monitors may not be your first display choice, but they mean a lot. With more people than ever before for work and remotely, a portable monitor offers the luxury of a second screen without the need for a desktop display. Many also agree: The global market was worth $111 in 2019, and analysts predict it will be worth it $568 million till 2027.


We’re going to take our look at every portable monitor deal from every major retailer so you don’t have to. If you want a new portable monitor on Black Friday 2021, bookmark this page so you can stay up to date and prepare for the big day.

bigger and better

Adobe is one of the world’s largest creative software suppliers and experts at the firm analyzed more than 1 trillion visits to retail websites to find out just how big Black Friday has become.

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the numbers are impressive, Adobe found that consumers spent more than $9 billion on Black Friday in 2020, an improvement of 21.6% from 2019 – and Adobe expects a similar increase in 2021.

It’s not just about Black Friday. Customers spent more than $188 billion at retailers in the crucial November and December period in 2020. The crucial Cyber ​​Five days between Thanksgiving and Cyber ​​Monday – which includes Black Friday – accounted for 18% of the spend in the 2020 fall season. Interestingly, that’s down from 20% in 2019, which suggests that more people are getting more deals throughout the period, not just during critical shopping days.

Electronics is still one of the biggest deal drivers on Black Friday and beyond, with brands like Acer, Samsung, HP, and Lenovo among the preferred choices among consumers.

Combine this continued growth with the rise in popularity of portable monitors – analysts say steadfastness Let’s say US revenue will grow from $72 million in 2021 to over $347 million by 2031 — and you have a recipe for great products and lucrative deals.

Today’s Best Portable Monitor Deals

AOC Full HD USB-C Powered Portable Monitor: $179.99

AOC Full HD USB-C Powered Portable Monitor: $179.99 $143 on Amazon

You save $36.99 (21%) This is the most affordable USB-C powered portable monitor. It is extremely slim and comes with some attractive features like super thin profile and VESA compatibility. Note the need for it though.

It’s totally understandable if you don’t want to wait for Black Friday or Cyber ​​Monday before taking the plunge and buying a new portable monitor—especially if you need one right away.

If that’s the case, you can already find lots of great deals. We’ve rounded up some of the best options here, and go here to see our verdict. Best Portable Monitors of 2021 If you want some more inspiration.

When do the best Black Friday portable monitor deals start in 2021?

Black Friday falls on the first Friday after Thanksgiving in the US, which means this year it will be on November 26. This is the main date in your diary.

You’ll undoubtedly find incredible portable monitor deals on Black Friday, but that’s not the only date that deserves your attention. Those crucial Cyber ​​Five days between Thanksgiving and Cyber ​​Monday will see all retailers unveil great offers, and Adobe found that Cyber ​​Monday was bigger than Black Friday in terms of sales in both 2019 and 2020.

It’s not just about those five days. We’ve noticed that the best deals start showing up right from the start of the Thanksgiving week, and you can find great deals starting mid-October if you look carefully. If you want a new portable monitor but don’t want to wait until Black Friday, the extension of the shopping season could be a boon. Alternatively, prices will remain low until Christmas and beyond. With staffing and supply issues still affecting most retailers, it’s no wonder the shopping season has kicked off.

Working from home and the rise in popularity of portable monitors means we expect more portable monitor deals to be available this year than ever before, so it’s a great time to buy. After all, regular working out at home has grown in popularity. 173% since 2005, and 98% of people would like to work remotely at least some of the time for the rest of their careers.

Portable monitors are peripheral devices that are available at a wide range of mainstream prices. Given their rise in popularity and excitement around electronics, you’ll be able to find portable monitor discounts from late October, through Cyber ​​Five, and then through to the new year.

Where Can You Find the Best Black Friday Portable Monitor Deals?

If you’re looking to track down the best portable monitor deals on Black Friday 2021, we have a simple solution for you: Keep this page bookmarked and check back regularly.

We understand that if you’re looking to do your own deal-hunting, we’ve compiled this list of our favorite retailers. Here you’ll find the best shopping options in the US and UK, and we’ve highlighted their strengths as well.


Amazon: Largest range, and often at the best prices

Adorama: A wide range that includes creative, pro and niche options

B&H Photo: The best site if you want creative products

best Buy: Wide range and great prices, especially if you’re a member

Newegg: A good choice if you want a portable monitor for gaming

Walmart: A wide range with Amazon price-matching – but be aware of marketplace sellers


Amazon: Great Values ​​and an Unbeatable Range from Retail Giants

Box: Mainstream options at great prices, with repeat deals on offer

ebuyer: A computing specialist with a good range of leading products

Laptop Direct: A portable specialist with monitors from every major brand

How Can I Find the Best Black Friday Portable Monitor Deals?

Whether you’re looking to buy a portable monitor or some other technology on Black Friday, there are a few simple and effective rules you can follow to make sure you get the best deals.

The first thing you should do? Lots of research. There are loads of intriguing and effective portable monitor products around, but you need to know what you want to buy in advance so that you can jump on deals as soon as they appear. If you want a portable monitor, that means you have to consider their screen size, connectivity options, and features.

You’ll also have to do your research on the various retailers out there. Positively, all large retailers look at each other’s prices and match up as often as possible, so you’re more likely to find a good deal wherever you shop. But plenty of retailers also offer free gifts, discounted delivery, and product bundles to gain an edge over the competition. Research this information before you sit down to shop, and you can get even better prices.

As we mentioned, be prepared to look for great deals from late October through November and December. Cyber ​​Five days can usually lead to the best prices, but discount season lasts for weeks. And, as always, keep this page bookmarked for the latest on all the best portable monitor discounts.

There are several other tips to keep in mind when you’re online. It’s worth using sites like PriceRunner to see if products are available with really good discounts, and you can even create alerts for discounts on many sites, so you’ll get an email when prices drop.

Create your online shopping accounts in advance so you’re ready to buy as soon as possible, and consider leaving your new hardware in the box after you buy — you can find it cheaper later in the shopping season and replace the original product as a replacement. Can return for refund.

What type of portable monitor should I buy on Black Friday?

Portable monitors have many different uses, so they are extremely versatile, but they have several key features that you need to know before deciding which one to buy.

A portable monitor is the perfect choice for adding a second display when you work on the go – for example, if you work remotely, or if you hot-desk at the office. They can also add full-screen functionality to mobile devices like smartphones or tablets, and they’re handy if you want a second display but don’t have room for a full-size monitor. Extra screens can dramatically improve your productivity and make your computing life easier, so it pays to get the right hardware.

First, consider the size of the screen you need. You can find portable monitors that range in size from 11.6in and 13.3in to 15.6in and 17.3in options. Portable panels generally reflect the size options you’ll find on modern laptops, and you need to think about how and where you’ll be using the display. You may have room for something larger than your notebook’s screen, but you may also need something smaller and more portable.

The increased size will also increase weight and dimensions, so it’s worth considering if you want something that’s particularly portable.

The level of quality that a display has to offer can matter. If you only plan to use the portable monitor for web-browsing, communication equipment, and running Office apps, you can buy an inexpensive display that doesn’t have great color or contrast performance. But if you want to run creative and color-sensitive tasks on your portable panel, you’ll need to spend more for a display that can produce a wider range of accurate colors.

Similarly, check the resolution of the display: a…

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