Black Friday Sony TV deals 2021: what to expect this year

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Black Friday Sony TV deals are likely to see the deepest savings of the year on some of the top contenders for the best gaming TVs and best TVs for PS5 and Xbox Series X. As much as we love Sony TVs, there’s one thing that stops flagship Bravia models from being common in more homes: the asking price.

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That’s why Black Friday Sony TV deals are such a great opportunity to snag several hundred (or more) dollars off the Japanese tech giant’s latest and greatest sets—especially tempting if you’re looking for a similar-brand partner for yourself. are PS5.

The reason for the high premium of at least some Sony Bravia sets is due to the Sony XR processor chip. It essentially acts as HDR for vivid color reproduction, especially through OLED models. It is currently present on all major flagship Sony TVs, such as the X95J, X90J, A80J, and A90J. We are expecting some of these sets to be included in the Black Friday Sony TV deals at a reduced price.


If you’re interested in specific gaming TVs at a lower rate this year, we recommend taking a close look at Black Friday PS5 and Xbox Series X TV deals to see what to expect back in the day.

When will the Black Friday Sony TV deals start?

Black Friday is happening this year 26 November. However, as we’ve seen more often in recent years, Black Friday Sony TV deals are more likely to start earlier in the week. It has to be said that the best offers are going to be reserved for the day, but it’s definitely worth having online retailers on your radar for the day.

Where are the best Black Friday Sony TV deals?

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As far as the best Black Friday Sony TV deals go, we think Amazon is the prime contender for pole position that day, though there are definitely some deep discounts in big-box stores too, as TVs are really contested. In-store on Black Friday. Fortunately, you will be able to avoid such situations by shopping online. Here’s what you can expect from the largest retailers currently:

Huge savings on latest flagship Sony TV models
best Buy: You can get up to $1,000 off on Sony Bravia TVs right now
Walmart: Stable discounts on all major Sony TV series
Newegg: Some Sony TV deals available now, but lower prices

Amazon: Consistently low prices on all major Sony flagship models
very: You can currently save up to £600 on Sony Bravia TVs
Curry: Stable deals and a wide range of good prices
Box: You can save up to £600 on upgraded Sony models right now

Black Friday Sony TV Deals: What to Expect

In terms of what to expect during Black Friday Sony TV deals, we can look to Amazon to see what will be available. For example, the Sony XBR-77A9G is currently seeing its historically lowest price $2,974.99 (down from $4,499.99) for a whopping discount of $1,525. Similarly, the Sony A80J is also at its lowest price on Amazon and has been like this for a couple of weeks now. Right now, it’s worth $2,998 (under $3,500) For a total savings of $502. We expect this type of discount to be more widespread on Black Friday.

Today’s Deals

Our price comparison software does the heavy lifting day and night to bring you the best Sony TV deals this side of Black Friday.

In terms of where to start with Black Friday Sony TV deals, we recommend Sony X900H For its vivid 120Hz 4K display which is perfect for gaming on PS5 or Xbox Series X. Plus, if you have the money for it, Sony A90J One of the most critically acclaimed TVs online right now for incredible sound and stellar colors.

Make the most of the new console generation in Black Friday PS5 Deals And Black Friday Xbox Series X Deals.

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