Black Panther #1 deals with the fallout of T’Challa no longer being ruler of Wakanda

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A new era for T’Challa and Wakanda begins in November 24 Black Panther #1, the launch of a new run by writer John Ridley and artist Juan Cabal. This new run comes as Black Panther’s mainstream popularity has become a rarity — almost God – Hawa, while in the comics he becomes not only the leader of the African nation of Wakanda, but the leader of a Wakandan space empire, And Avengers leader.

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But everything changes by the end of Black Panther #1.


Spoilers ahead for Black Panther #1.

Although Black Panther #1 begins with T’Challa leading the Avengers into battle (as he has done for years through the main Avengers book), the comic book ends with the Wakandan King as Avengers chairperson. Happens with leaving office – was wondering at one point with Captain America as well. That he is leaving the team entirely.

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Ridley and Cabal’s Black Panther #1 is opening up to the massive societal change that was set forth by Ta-Nehi Coates in the past run—especially as Black Panther is no longer the ruler of Wakanda. during Coates’ five-year Black Panther run, Wakanda grew from a monarchy to a constitutional monarchy (similar to the United Kingdom), with an elected parliament running the country, with the rest of the ‘monarchy’ named after the Black Panther, but for an advisory role.

As of November 24’s Black Panther #1 show, it’s taking some time to get used to T’Challa — especially when certain actions are coming back to haunt him as ruler of Wakanda.

“You’ve been Wakanda’s biggest defender. There’s no need to be otherwise. Only to adjust your ways,” says Akili, one of T’Challa’s advisors. “People are like teenagers. They need to assume their independence while being cared for by a loving but determined adult who knows what’s best.”

T’Challa initially agrees with that analogy – but then learns what it can lead to.

black panther secret service

It turns out that when Wakanda stopped hiding from the world and tried to integrate itself into the world’s geopolitics and economics, T’Challa had some reservations about the pre-secret nation that is now a public one. aims at. To that end, they created a secret and as-yet-unknown group of Wakandan sleeper agents who have integrated themselves around the world but, at a moment’s notice, “infiltrate, destroy, and fight against anyone or any nation.” Waiting for the murder that threatened Wakanda.”

T’Challa keeps it a secret from everyone by pretending to have the deaths of several Wakandans, including his sister Shuri – only to later enlist them as agents in this Wakandan sleeper costume.

Black Panther’s mystery is ruined when two of its agents, Zhai and Omolola, are attacked while meeting secretly in a public place. Zhai is killed in a skirmish with unidentified soldiers, but Omolola is able to report back to T’Challa what happened – and the fact that he was targeted – which would mean that the secret is known to Wakanda’s enemies. .

T’Challa is concerned by this apparent violation (and the death of a family friend, Jha), to the extent that he enlists her help to unravel its secret in Shuri in an attempt to find out who is on them. is attacking. After some much-deserved derision, Shuri agrees – but warns him that this should be his only priority.

Black Panther leaves Avengers leadership

“I’m sorry what did you say?” Captain America reacted to the verdict. “You want to leave the Avengers?”

While T’Challa assures Captain America that he is not leaving the Avengers, he takes a “temporary leave of absence” as president of the Avengers – despite only reaffirming that he did it at the beginning of the issue. will be able to handle.

“Circumstances change. They often do,” argues T’Challa.

“Responsibilities never change. Leaders put other people first,” responds Captain America. “You are a king. You must understand that.”

Black Panther pushes back but tells Cap to trust his judgment and the merits behind it.

“You have our trust. You always do,” Rogers says. “I just wish we had a little more of your commitment. Do what you want to do. I’ll tell others.”

What’s next for Black Panther

While Shuri uses his technical skills to figure out who is attacking T’Challa’s sleeper agents, Black Panther sets out to find himself the old-fashioned way with Omolola.

“T’Challa… you’re going in this blind. You have no idea who you’re after or what you’re doing,” Omolola warned. “Are you ready for what happens next?”

From a preview page at the end of the issue, “What Comes Next” features his ex-wife (and now ruler of the X-Men-annexed Mars) Storm, as well as Captain America and even the aristocrats of Wakanda. Contains conflict with class. Guard, Dora Milaje.

Story continues on December 22 Black Panther #2,

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