borderlands 3 Fans can now access Ultimate Vault Card, and its content should prove to be very popular among fans. Dub Bunker Masters, Gives Cards borderlands 3 Players gain access to bunkers and items based on rogues – an in-universe version of Dungeons & Dragons played by Tiny Tina and her friends.

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For those unfamiliar with Vault cards, they are essentially borderlands 3Take on a battle pass system. Available exclusively to owners of the Designer’s Cut DLC, the first two cards had Fallen Heroes and Welcome to Pandora themes. While the focus on paying homage to the dead characters of the first Vault Card made it popular, and the second featured items from the cult classic Tales of the Borderlands, fantasy fans in particular should get a kick out of the latest and final addition to the lineup.


Bunkers and Rogues make their debut in the beloved Assault on Dragon Keep expansion Borderlands 2, and it was illustrated through some easter eggs borderlands 3, Board game set to be focus of upcoming spin-off Tiny Tina Wonderlands, it has become a big deal within and outside of sports. As always, the new Vault card includes some exclusive Legendary gear, heads, skins and cosmetics – all suited to the Bunker and Badass theme.

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Amara gets a magician hat just like Tina’s Tiny Tina Wonderlands Promotional material, while FL4K gets a formidable head, are similar to those of the upcoming game’s main rival, Dragon Lord. Moze’s head features a skull face plate, while Zen looks like a raven. Although there are some exceptional weapon skins, the butt is a standout featuring the stallion, also featured in a trinket and ECHO design. Other trinkets include a sword, dragon and a hare of Tina in a hat.

There’s plenty of cosmetic stuff to get excited about, with Tiny Tina’s rabbit also featuring as plush room decorations, although the gear will be more interesting to some players. A Dahl assault rifle called Creeping Corruption has a unique corruption effect, while Blade Fury is a Jacobs assault rifle that fires a knife – meaning it can be too strong for Amara players. The Torgue Sidewinder Grenade is a heatseeker, deploying sticky bombs on whatever it touches, while Pangolin’s Mana Well Shield rounds out the lineup with some slam-related boosts.

As is the case with previous versions, players will progress to Vault cards through daily challenges, weekly challenges, and XP earned from game play. Together Tiny Tina Wonderlands Still a few months away, that should be enough time to unlock the Bunker Masters item.

borderlands 3 Available now on PC, PS4, PS5, Stadia, Xbox One and Xbox Series X.

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