whereas Limit As the series has expanded to include multiple planets, Pandora will always be the one that stands out in the eyes of fans. Habitat of the first and second games, and part of the third, the desert planet was expanded to include different regions and climates – and a Limit The fan has tried to capture everything.

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Pandora was essentially a prison designed to house The Destroyer, a deadly monster that served as the original’s final boss. Limit And borderlands 3, This explains the many deadly creatures scattered across the planet, as they exist to both bring adventurers to Pandora and scare them. It is also the explanation for the planet’s random climate, something that became less and less predictable as the series progressed.


Pandora’s climate is always changing, it is not too surprising that Limit The planet has a lot of conflicting maps. According to Reddit user Ubiquitouch, this has made the process of creating a proper map extremely difficult. However they clarify that this is a work in progress, as they only have Borderlands 2 And borderlands 3 locations represented, the Reddit user plans to add points of interest from the original game and Tales of the Borderlands,

I’m making what I consider to be Pandora’s most complete and canon-compliant map. From

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project is part of another Limit Production, with fan confirmation that a “Starfinder game” based on the franchise is in the works. While he had to take some artistic liberties, he makes clear that most of the placement came down to comparison and “straight ripping the files”. bl3Clearly, the fan has taken great care in this map, and some commentators have already suggested where to place the original. Limit Location. However, most are concerned with the size of the iridium scar.

While the Ubiquitouch was supposed to “track its location and size,” its depiction certainly feels accurate. As seen when players view the planet from orbit borderlands 3, the trail covers a good bit of the map. A smaller vein is used for iridium blight, and firestone’s iconic spot is seen nearby. On the other side of the map, Ascension Bluff can be seen, which also represents areas such as Carnivora. The southern shelf is located near some water, a wise decision on the part of the map maker. When the map is completely complete, the map will have a green, gray or white texture to represent the climate of each location.


While it remains to be seen whether there is any Tiny Tina Wonderlands Fans will be recreating the game’s overworld map once the game is released, a feat that will likely be a lot easier for fans than this. Along with the moving 3D model of the planet, also included: Limit Fans are putting in a lot of effort to fix Pandora’s weird layout.

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