Unique art style and design Limit The series has long inspired fans to dedicate fan art projects to the game, particularly around the playable characters available to control from title to title. One fan in particular recently noticed some key Limit Characters from different parts of the franchise to create a whole range of pieces showcasing these designs.

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this latest set of Limit The fan art comes from artist Plates & Oatcakes on Instagram, who posted the full, complete set via his Reddit in the form of Old Biscotti. Many fans of this artist will recognize the style of this set from their previous work creating icons related to other pop cult and video game franchises, which has been an ongoing, daily series across their various social media accounts.


These most recent pieces represent the player characters from the first and third. Limit title, although the artist has previously drawn other characters from the series. The icons themselves come across as a simple design that accentuates each piece with a flair relevant to each of these playable characters. for example, borderlands 3The FL4K of FL4K comes with one of its signature pets, while Lilith from the original game as Firehawk is surrounded by fiery phoenix feathers to match her personality.

Done my bordelands 1 and 3 icon set 🙂 Feel free to use as any pfps etc. From

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Although it doesn’t look like the cast has a full set of playable characters Borderlands 2, some of the characters introduced in that specific entry are among his extensive collection of symbols. So, fan-favourite characters like Tiny Tina, Handsome Jack, and Zero are icons, but that title doesn’t make the entire cast complete. However, the list of characters re-imagined as these icons is already extensive, and if the artist is still looking Limit It won’t be long before the series, possibly covering more characters.

At the end of the day, while collecting guns Limit What may be the draw that keeps players signing off on individual games in the series, the characters having huge appeal to get players to the first place in the series. With such unique designs in both playable and supporting characters, there are plenty of places to seek inspiration for a new art piece from the franchise. So, thanks to the thriving fan community surrounding the series, there are likely to be many more pieces like this to come, and hopefully more games to go along with that passion.

borderlands 3 Now available for PC, PS4, PS5, Stadia, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S.

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