NS Super Mario Work on the film has been going on for some time now. However, Nintendo Direct recently revealed a bunch of new details about the project such as the release date of December 21, 2022. In addition, fans got news about the cast of the film. Among the stars who appeared in the film, it was revealed that Chris Pratt is playing Mario. Recently, famed fan artist BossLogic decided to give fans a humorous look at what Chris Pratt would look like as a red-capped plumber.

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Known for its popular fan art, Bosslogic has created art based on video games, movies, and comic books. His influential work includes art from several popular franchises such as reimagined cover art. Spider-Man: Miles Morales. They have made posters of avengers And pokemon Too. While some of his creations have a distinct sense of humor, this new creation featuring Chris Pratt as Mario takes it to the next level.


Recently, the artist decided to give his own interpretation of what Chris Pratt might look like if he played a live-action Mario. He made the 2015 film. used a poster of jurassic world Pratt’s standing next to a Velociraptor as his template for reimagining the actor as a Nintendo icon. The results are quite hilarious.

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For starters, Bosslogic changed the famed actor’s outfit to match Mario’s wardrobe. The artist wore blue overalls on the actor, along with adding the iconic red cap and white gloves. In addition, additional facial hair was added to Pratt’s mustache to match the mustache seen on Mario. Perhaps one of the best parts of the fan art was the inclusion of Velociraptor. BossLogic decides to turn the prehistoric dino into Yoshi, Mario’s trusted companion. He managed to change the dark brown color of the dinosaur’s skin to bright green, as well as the orange scales on the back of the creature’s neck.

While some details around the plot Super Mario The film remains undisclosed, with Nintendo Direct revealing several other actors joining Chris Pratt in the project. Some of these names include Jack Black as Bowser, Charlie Day as Luigi and Anya Taylor as Peach. While Charles Martinet, the voice of Mario in Nintendo games, is not playing Titanic Plumber, he is expected to appear in several cameos.

with the release of Super Mario With the film still more than a year away, there is still a lot that fans want to see about the film. While it’s doubtful whether either Mario or Yoshi will look like BossLogic envisioned them, it will be interesting to see how they appear whenever Nintendo decides to release a trailer for the film.

Super Mario Will be released in North America on December 21, 2022.

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