Box Shield will soon be even better at fighting ransomware

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Cloud storage provider Box has announced that it has added new capabilities to its security control and intelligent threat detection solution Box Shield to better protect businesses from ransomware.

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With this latest update, Box Shield can now reduce the risk of ransomware by scanning files in real time as they are uploaded to Box. These new capabilities in Box Shield leverage deep learning technology with external threat intelligence to analyze files and stop sophisticated malware before it is able to cause business disruption.

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Diego Dugatkin, Chief Product Officer at Box, said in a press release providing further details about the company’s approach to security and the new capabilities of Box Shield:


“The number of ransomware attacks increased by 288 percent in the first half of 2021 and will only increase as more businesses go digital. Our approach to security is to provide customers with a secure platform to manage and secure their content, and Box Shield brings user-friendly security controls and intelligent threat detection seamlessly to Box Content Cloud. By leveraging the latest deep learning technology, we are adding an additional layer of threat detection to Box Shield, making it even easier for IT and security teams to identify malware in real time without slowing down work. “

Using Deep Learning to Detect Malware

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While other malware detection solutions can potentially disrupt work by quarantining malicious content that needs to be reviewed manually, Box Shield eliminates these barriers by embedding malware detection in the company’s Box Content Cloud .

At its BoxWorks 2021 virtual event, Box enhanced Box Shield’s detection capabilities by adding deep learning technology, which complements traditional hash-based or file-fingerprint scanning approaches that use known malware datasets. As a result, the company’s customers can benefit from an additional layer of security that looks inside individual files to identify malware and then automatically cleans files or stops the spread of malware in real time. .

Box Shield already scans over 48bn files a year, but with these new capabilities, users will benefit from higher malware detection rates with fewer false positives.

Box also announced advanced machine learning-powered alerts for inconsistent user behavior such as suspicious downloads in Box Shield. Administrators will now receive more detailed alerts with context as to why the company’s machine learning algorithms have deemed certain behaviors risky.

Both malware deep scanning and enhanced alerts will be available to Box Shield customers later this year.

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