The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Takes a long time to complete with players visiting lots of locations along the way. Throughout the journey, the developers decided to include a selection of minigames for gamers to discover. From deer hunting outside Hateno Village to the paraglider course at Eventide Island, these minigames diversify the gameplay experience as well as help the player earn a few more bucks. Recently, a gamer discovered a new way to improve his time at one of these events.

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Among the various minigames found in breath of the wild One leg is a race. Starting at the northern edge of Mount Rhoam in the Hyrule Ridge area, the player is challenged to race against Konba. If the player manages to reach the end of the course before Konba, they are awarded a reward of Rs 50. While gamers have used whistle glitches to win races with ease, one player recently discovered a new technique to cross the finish line.


In a recent Reddit post, a user known as Haakon-Lyoning discovered a way to complete the Mount Rome race in record time. In a video shared by the player, he revealed the technique used to achieve the feat. While his opponent, Konba, expected a foot race, the ingenious player found a way to glide Link to the finish line.

Got less than 25 seconds in “foot” race at Mount Roma From

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The strategy employed by Hakone-Loying involved dropping bombs on the ground which then activated Daruk’s protection. With a force-field now protecting Link, the player detonates the bomb. This subsequent explosion launched Link into the air, allowing him to use his paraglider to glide toward the finish line. Haakon-Loying repeated this process a second time to reach the end of the race. By using this unconventional technique, breath of the wild The players managed to take a considerable amount of time out of their run, finishing in just 23 seconds.

NS breath of the wild The community on Reddit has found this new way to beat the foot race on Mount Rome interesting. With over 15,000 upvotes, many were impressed with this new trick and wanted to try it out for themselves. Others reminisced about the various minigames found in breath of the wild Large open world like Goron golfing minigame.

It’s exciting to see players continue to discover new ways to enhance their gameplay experience. breath of the wild. In addition to this new tactic discovered by Hakone-Lyoning, another fan recently discovered a way to fly higher in the air using spicier peppers. It will be interesting to see what more players discover in the coming days.

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Now available for Nintendo Switch.

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