The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Launched in March of 2017, the series introduces fans to a brand new open-world experience. In addition, several DLC packs were released known as master test And ballad of champions, However, these expansion packs also came out in 2017, which means no official content has been added to the game in years. Luckily for fans hungry for more content, modders have continued to support the title.

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Among the mods available for breath of the wild, is one of the most notable second wind, This mod is a free expansion that includes many additions to the base game, such as new quests, weapons and bosses. In addition, it adds a crafting mechanic, along with making changes to temples scattered around the map. With over 50 people contributing to the project, this is a big deal for many gamers. Recently, a new update was released to the mod that brought even more exciting content to the open world of Hyrule.


In a new YouTube video posted by Waikuteru, several new features were added second wind The modes were wide. While there was much to see, perhaps the most notable feature was an original boss fight. In the video, gamers got a chance to watch Link fight “Octo Boss”. This new battle took place in the ruins of the Stroke Lake location, and pitted Link against a giant Water Octorok, as the name suggests. As a larger version of the Octarok monsters found in water areas, this boss had the same rock projectile attack used by its minions. However, the damage done by this giant Water Octorok was much higher than that of normal enemies.

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To defeat the monster, Link uses his shield to fire projectiles back at the boss, gradually damaging him. Once defeated, the creature dropped several monster parts and a Chilfin Trout. In addition, this boss fight was associated with the “Labor of the Hero” quest. Once all stages in the quest are completed, players can earn an indestructible Hylian Shield.

In addition to this boss fight, the mod’s update includes a new area to explore breath of the wild, The video showed the landscape, as Link used to locate his paraglider. While the site near Strok Lake was barren, it contained some impressive ruins from a previous settlement.

It’s worth noting that this is an unofficial mod that is not approved by Nintendo and is only available on PC. Nevertheless, this new material is undoubtedly exciting for ardent fans of the series. hopefully, mode like second wind will wait Breath of the Wild 2 More bearable for fans.

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Now available on Switch and Wii U.

Source: Nintendo Life

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