Breeo X Series 24 vs. Solo Stove Yukon: 2 premium smokeless fire pits compared

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If you have room for one, a backyard fire pit is a great way to maximize your outdoor enjoyment. Whether it’s for s’mores with the family or just enjoying the warm glow of your own private campfire. Both of these fire pits provide great value and plenty of warmth. Here’s how to choose what’s best for you.

construction and build quality

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Crafted from stainless steel, the Yukon is sleek and shiny. And compared to the 78-pound Brio X Series, it weighs in at a relatively light 38 pounds. One drawback to the Yukon’s lightweight construction is that it is less durable. For example, a strong blow or drop will surely break the Yukon.

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However, the Brio X series is an entirely different story. The model made from corten steel is particularly sturdy. In fact it is the same grade of metal used in bridge and highway construction.

Winner: Brio X Series 24

Smokeless performance and ease of use

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While both of these fire pits are solid smokeless performers, they certainly have the upper hand in terms of maintaining an efficient and quality burn. It happens Solo Stove Yukon. It’s incredibly easy to start a fire in it. And the wood once lit inside this pit will keep burning for hours with minimal interference.

The Brio X Series is less forgiving. It’s hard to put out that initial fire. I’ve also found that the Breo’s smokeless secondary burn requires more fuel to kickstart. Once it’s following along, it’s not difficult to maintain the pit flames. Keep in mind that Brio expels more heat on its sides than Yukon. This makes it a better choice for use in cold weather.

Winner: Solo Stove Yukoni

You can turn Brio fire pits into a serious outdoor cooking machine.

Additional Features

If you want to do more than just stare at beautiful flames, the Brio X Series is hard to beat. This fire pit doubles as a capable outdoor grill. Ringing the mouth of the Brio is a stainless steel sear plate. It gets hot enough to put a delicious burnt crust on burgers, steaks, and chops.

It’s also good that the sear plate will turn inward when the fire reaches cooking temperature. This way any juice and oil that comes out of your food does not drip onto the ground but into the pit. You can buy an add-on Grill Grate Attachment Also for perfect over-the-fire grilling.

Aside from simple fare like hot dogs and s’mores, Yukon isn’t meant as a cooker. Solo Stove is the first to admit it, which is why it also sells a dedicated Grill Products,

Winner: Brio X Series 24


When it’s all said and done it’s easy for me to recommend the Brio X Series 24 over the Solo Stove Yukon. While it can’t quite match the Yukon’s phenomenal smokeless fires, it’s simply capable of more. The Brio is also built like a tank and in my book it’s worth more than portability.

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