Bruce Wayne gets a new Batman Begins style origin in Batman: The Knight

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Despite Warner Bros.’s producing a new onscreen version of the Caped Crusader in The Batman, DC is returning to 2005 Batman Begins Film from writer Chip Zadarsky and artist Carmine Di Giandomenico for a new 10-issue series called Batman: The Knight.

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Batman’s origins are hardly new territory for DC in comic books. batman: year one, batman: zero year, and other high-profile stories have explored various aspects of Batman’s early adventures, from his path to becoming Batman to his first affairs in Gotham City. But Batman: The Knight takes things a step further, showing the time when Bruce Wayne left Gotham as a youth, and when he returned to the city of his birth to become a crime fighter. .


For those familiar with Batman Begins (and who hasn’t at this point?), the story’s premise and accompanying imagery will hit home straight off the bat (no pun intended).

And for those more versed in the comic book history of Batman, it seems that the purpose of Batman: The Knight is to offer a concise picture of how Bruce Wayne trained to be Batman, taking on different aspects of the story. which were previously told in the comics, and to put them through a familiar lens.

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And lest anyone think we’re digging too deep on the concept here, DC is leaning solely in its advance solicitation text for Batman: The Knight #1, compared to the Batman Begins movie. , which is “How did the Dark Knight… begin?”

Here’s a gallery of the unexplored inner pages of Batman: Knight #1, along with all three covers:

DC promised Batman: The Knight would take a “definitive” take on Bruce Wayne’s training as Batman.

Plus, Detective Comics is creating a larger story featuring writer Mark Waid and artist Dan Mora that reunites ‘world’s best’ friends Batman and Superman — which means classic Batman nostalgia starts at DC in January. Will go

Batman: The Knight #1 is due out January 18 and will include a variety of covers by Greg Capullo and Jonathan Glapion and Gerald Parel.

Stay tuned for DC’s full January 2022 requests, coming to Newsrama later this week.

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