BTS says 'of course' they're vaccinated in appearance at United Nations

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South Korean band BTS filmed their latest music video at the United Nations, and also addressed the United Nations General Assembly.

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K-pop band BTS spoke at the United Nations General Assembly meeting on Monday, and also shared a new video of their song, Permission to Dance, which was filmed at the United Nations. The YouTube video of the speech and song was viewed by over 6 million people in just five hours. (Fast-forward 30 minutes to see the band speak; the performance begins at about 38 minutes.)


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If you just want to watch the music video, it’s down there — and it’s already got over 4.5 million views. The video begins with the band on stage at the United Nations General Assembly. They then dance in the corridors and outside, where they are joined by other dancers.

South Korea’s President Moon Jae introduced BTS, referring to the band as “the most loved artist in the world”.

In their UN speech, the band members wholeheartedly supported the coronavirus vaccine.

Band member J-Hope said, “All seven of us, of course, have received vaccinations.” “The vaccine was a ticket of sorts for us to be able to meet the waiting fans and be able to stand here in front of you today.”

The group also talked about hope and the promise of youth in a turbulent world.

Band member RM said, “I’ve heard people in their teens and 20s today being referred to as the lost generation of COVID.” “I think it’s a stretch to say that they are lost because the path they walk cannot be seen with the big eye.”

Band member Jin said he too felt the pressure of the pandemic.

“There were times during the last two years that I also felt shocked and upset,” he said. “But still here, we have people who shout, ‘Let’s live, make the most of the moment.’ Because we can’t stand still when we are in the ideal time of our life to face new challenges.”

The President of South Korea appointed the band a “special presidential envoy to future generations and culture”.

And As reported by The Washington Post, the United Nations’ YouTube channel garnered as much interest as it did on Monday, as huge fans of the band, members of the BTS Army, looked to watch and comment on the group’s appearance.

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