bungee remains hard at work on the sustainable development of fate 2, which includes seasonal content as well as major expansions like upcoming releases witch queen, However, it is also known that Bungie is working on another game, a new IP tentatively targeted for release in 2025. Fans of Bungie’s work are gathering details about this new project and today they have a new addition to the puzzle. a former-Guild Wars 2 The developer has confirmed that they are working on a now unannounced Bungie project.

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The developer’s name is Tom Abernathy, and he worked on Guild Wars 2 Joining Bungie with the new year, between 2017 and December 2021. Abernathy confirmed on Twitter that he had joined Bungie as a senior narrative lead. Abernathy also confirms that he is working on an “undeclared project”, noting that it clearly means he is not working. fate 2, Of course, that also doesn’t mean he’s working on Bungie’s big 2025 new IP.


However, it can be assumed that Tom Abernathy is being brought in for his unique experience. When Abernathy joined ArenaNet in 2017 as Studio Narrative Director, Guild Wars 2 Was already five years old. This means that Abernathy’s experience is rooted in post-launch storytelling through DLC content, of which Guild Wars 2 was a significant amount. Free DLC chapter releases, premium content, and major expansions are all part of Abernathy’s vehicles for narrative delivery.

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This is further confirmed by Abernathy, some of Bungie’s employees who were tagged on Twitter as people he is excited to work with. One name he mentions is Julia Nardin, another senior narrative head working on seasonal content. fate 2, These two working together probably means Abernathy is working to understand Bungie’s pipeline for post-launch content storytelling.

However, so far only speculation can go on. It’s all too clear that Abernathy, a veteran fiction director who has worked on a major MMO, is now working on an unannounced project at Bungie. What the project is and what he is working on is particularly unknown.

As far as Bungie fans can expect more information, it’s likely several years before the game is announced — assuming it’s the new IP of 2025. Bungie is giving this game all the time it needs for development. Plus, it doesn’t want to take the focus away. fate 2, which will remain its priority until the new game is ready. This may be the last sign of what Abernathy is up to bungee For some time.

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