Bungie turns three decades old this year. And when the developer’s birthday was back in May, the studio was getting ready to release Destiny 2 7th December 30th Anniversary Pack, In addition to new weapons, armor, jewelry, and more, the latest release also includes a significant update to the hit MMO first-person shooter.

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On Tuesday, Bungie offered a preview of Destiny 2 Next update as part of Studio Bungie this week. In blog post. The upcoming patch includes a long list of photosensitivity changes, adjustments to the Blind Well event, changes to the way players acquire exotic jewels, and many other tweaks and fixes.


The upcoming 30th Anniversary Pack includes new ornaments for various weapons and armor. Thus, the most prominent new feature planned for December is the ability to see exotic ornaments when examining an exotic weapon or piece of armor. Players will still have to buy jewels Destiny 2 Eververse Trading Company. However, the new system allows players to purchase them directly from their inventory menu. Players can purchase Weapon Ornaments from the Weapon Inspection interface and Armor Ornaments from the Inspection interface or Guardian Appearance menu.

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Destiny 2 Guardians

Bungie also encourages players to revisit the Blind Well event Destiny 2 Dreaming City Location by increasing the drop rate for Dreaming City weapons. This should make things easier for anyone who is still trying to assemble the complete set. Bungie also plans to offer a variety of bug fixes and balance adjustments Destiny 2 strike activity. These include changes that let players complete the activity more quickly and with fewer full wipes. Other balance improvements include a cooldown when hit by light from Dunmarcher’s Titan Punch, and the ability to cancel Icefall Mantle’s stasis overshield.

Finally, Destiny 2 patch preview Includes a long list of photosensitivity changes, These are a variety of small and large adjustments for a wide range of visual effects. Changes mainly include reducing the brightness, contrast, and frequency of weapon flashes, explosions, and specific particle effects. it should be improved Destiny 2 Visual experience for all players, but especially those with light sensitivity issues.

The blog post notes that players can view additional hotfixes if necessary. However, Bungie does not plan to make any significant changes until witch queen Expansion As of February, it’s no surprise that developers did so much Destiny 2’s last big patch of 2021,

fate 2 Available on PC, PS4, PS5, Stadia, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S. witch queen Expansion commences on February 22, 2022.

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